Make MORE Money - Have a BETTER Life!

I Know Exactly Why You're Here...

You're ready to become an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Social Influencer, and an online business Rock Star,  You've got great ideas but  aren’t quite sure how and where to start. It can all become so overwhelming  because it’s so much information out there. And you're smart enough to realized that you can't just PIECE  together scraps of information and create a business! If someone I can trust would just put me in a great position and point me in the right direction!

Or Maybe..

You’re already on the journey of Entrepreneurship. Your intent was to create your own online business, but honestly what you've created was another JOB! Not to mention all that money you’ve invested and a whole lot of time you've put into this. Even though you've seen some level of success it's hard to keep up! "There has to be a better way to do this!

Ok.. So You Have Two Options

Double-down… invest even more time and money into the latest gadgets and bots and hope that things turn around.
After all, being an entrepreneur is all about tenacity and optimism right?

Or You Can..

Make the RIGHT investment in Yourself and Your Business -Take Your Business to the Next-Level of Profit and Revenue – Make More Money – Have a Better Life

Are You Ready To Stop Wasting Time And Money On Stuff That Doesn't Work?

Next Level Life and Business Academy is Your Solution!

"I've bought coaching programs before with little to no results, so

what's the difference?

Cledra gives you the TOOLS /SKILLS necessary to succeed

the secret sauce?
The Profit Triangle™

NextLevel Life and Business concentrates your attention on the components of your business that affects Revenue and Growth
Your goal in business is to be CLEAR rather than CLEVER” – Cledra Gross
You’ll learn how to master the three major components of ANY successful business or coaching practice:

Struggling to make confident business decisions? You keep second guessing yourself?

NLLB helps you think like the CEO that you are!

You want to see your sales grow to match the level of work you're putting in? Talking to a lot of potential clients but they're not converting?

NLLB helps you to CONVERT potential clients confidently without cheesy sales tactics

You want to see more engagement on your social media strategy? Tired of the crickets..

NLLB helps you to develop CLEAR and EFFECTIVE product messaging that targets YOUR unique audience

let's face the truth..

Not all coaching is created equal!

Don’t waste your time and money learning outdated information and applying techniques that simply DO NOT WORK!
Come BEHIND the curtain with a coach who WANTS to see you succeed by giving the tools/information that PROVEN to work!

can you relate?

Ready to take your LIFE and BUSINESS to the NextLevel™

Successful Businesses Are Established on
Effective Strategies and Scalable Systems

LET Next Level Life and Business private coaching BE Your Solution!