Why you’ll never lose weight until you change your STORY

Have you ever noticed that you don’t crave a salad when you’re tired, upset, or frustrated?

Have you ever noticed that when you feel excited about what’s possible(like on January 1st) you do whatever it takes to prep your meals, keep your commitment to working out, and push past the temptation to deviate?

The ONLY difference between the two is……the STORY YOU TELL YOURSELF about your abilities!

Want me to prove it?

Rewind to the last time you missed a workout or you chose to overeat……you got it pictured?
Now what were you telling yourself.
I bet this was in the script……I’m SO tired, I DESERVE this “xyz”, I just don’t FEEL like it today, I HAVE to have “abc”

Most of us blame external factors like work, “stress”(the catchall umbrella), spouse/significant other, family, friends, traffic, the weather when really NONE of those things ALONE have the ability to MAKE you eat. OUCH right? Because YOU GIVE THEM POWER in a “story” , you convince yourself that you HAVE to eat because you’re SO stressed, mad, tired, frustrated, whatever.

Today try to watch your story telling. Tell yourself a story that gives you the best chance of a happy ending to this gift of a new day!

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