When Not Finishing Just Isn’t
An Option Anymore

The start of a new year is always a time when I look at where I am and where I’ve come from, and I can’t help but get pulled back to a certain point in my life. And before I get into the meat and potatoes of it, I just wanna warn y’all…I’m about to get REAL.

Just over eight years ago, in 2007, all the crud was hitting the fan at once and I was an-GRY. I was completely uncomfortable in my own skin at 246 pounds. And not just because of how I looked, but how I felt. Like I was looking at someone else when I looked in the mirror. I was so mad at myself for getting to that point by putting everyone else’s needs and wants before mine.

I was angry at my then-husband. For years, I’d given everything to try and make our marriage work, and I’d lost myself in the process. I found out he’d been seeing someone else…again. I was beyond mad that he put me in that situation where I had to make an impossible decision.

More than anything, I was angry at God. The baby I so desperately wanted, the one I prayed for night after night, the one who was growing in my belly…suddenly, his heart stopped. The one good thing that I felt I had in my life was taken away from me. I was completely, utterly alone, and I was mad as heck about it.

I always say that time was like an emotional tsunami. Everything came crashing into me at once and completely knocked me out. It takes a lot to stop me but I’ll tell ya, at this point in my life I was paralyzed.

After the tsunami hit, I knew I had two options: I could let it destroy me, or I could fight back. But I only had enough fight in me for One More Time, so I had to make this time the one that stuck. Failure was NOT an option. If I failed, I knew I wouldn’t make it out. The tsunami would swallow me whole.

And I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

I had no husband and no truly supportive friends, so I turned to God. Even though I was angry, I let Him steer me where I needed to go. I gave Him my complete faith and let Him give me the strength and the answers I needed to keep going.

If you’re starting this year feeling angry or frustrated about where you are, you need to know you’re NOT alone. There are thousands of us there with you.

The good part about pain is that it can be harnessed. Pain gives you a cause, it gives you a FIRE to make a big change. I speak from experience when I say that your feeling of “I can’t keep doing this” is exactly what you need to make your #OMT the LAST time you start…and the FIRST time you finish.

If you’re ready to turn that pain into fuel to finish your weight-loss journey — and I mean really finish — join me for my complimentary teleseminar on Tuesday, January 13th. During the one hour call, I’m going to be talking about exactly what you need to do to keep going, to make this the time that you finish. It’s easy to be motivated and fired up on January 1st, but what happens when the excitement fades?

We’re going to hit this HARD because sister, it’s gonna get tough. It’s gonna get monotonous and boring. You’re going to want to quit. Those are givens. So what can you do about it?

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