5 Mistakes To Avoid On Social Media

5 Mistakes To Avoid On Social Media

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Ok I SAY I’m gonna share 5 mistakes  in this episode to avoid but I actually share 6 ! LOL

Just another example you don’t have to be perfect to make this work for you.

In this episode you will understand the 6 mistakes to avoid using social media and they are:

  1. do not use your company name

control your marketing and sales process

lead with the benefits NOT the company name

example: you have a lot of energy at the end of the day because of the way you started your day with “x” product

  1. DO NOT MAKE  a list of friends and family

You will quickly discover your friends are not your business partners and that can be painful in the beginning. They may come around later but let THEM come to YOU

People may go “ghost” on you and disappear

  1. DO NOT FORGET you’re in business online

Now that you’re an entrepreneur or network marketer you’re not just online to be online

As a business owner you need to have a call to action (CTA) that directs your audience to the next step

You cannot deposit “likes” on facebook

  1. DO NOT Send information without a commitment to watch

If you have a great video explaining your opportunity do NOT send it out

This could set you up to chase instead of attract

  1.  Not having enough conversations…SALES conversations

you give them a choice…they’re in or they’re out

this is NOT a social conversation

this is about making a decision

Get your personal conversion rate

How many people do you need to talk to for YOUR YES?  

This is HUGE!

It will allow you to predict your weekly income AND give yourself a raise!

  1. Having too much small talk


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About this video: In this episode, I share how to avoid common social media mistakes so you can successfully gain customers and business on social media.
Social media blunders happen to the best of us and for some they weren’t trained properly.  Social media network marketing requires some effective social media strategy. This episode will get you on the right track with your social media and separate you from the amateurs so you can continue your commitment to goPRO in network marketing


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