Weight…what to do to drop it

Weight…how to lose it is a multi-billion dollar industry.

How to keep it off… cost what money can’t buy(exhibit A…Oprah)

We have Oprah as proof  with her RECENT investment into Weight Watchers that even having billions will not keep you slim. Money can’t keep it off because while you can pay someone to cook for you, pay someone to train your body, and pay someone to make life easier by having them clean or wash your clothes…what you cannot do is pay someone to change your mind about eating. THAT is an INSIDE job.

Think about the last time you overate…and don’t think about the holidays or your birthday but just in everyday life rewind to that time when you were overeating.  Were you overeating because you didn’t KNOW about carbs, calories, or sugar?

OR were you overeating because the pressure of LIFE was something you just didn’t wanna deal with at the time? 

SO many women are about to drop hundreds if not thousands of dollars to lose weight in 2016 and the majority of the programs and trainers out there will never address the root cause of your excess weight and even with weigh loss surgery the root cause can’t be “bypassed or banded” .  Focusing on calories, workouts, and tracking meals is A component but not all of what’s required.  The popular route to hit the gym and reduced your calories is what I call  “symptom” management and you’ll hear more about it in the periscope below.

Take it from someone who has spent over $50,000 (yes I did the math and actually stopped calculating because it was bothering me) on every weight loss program known to man AND at one point paid cash ($15,000) for lapband which has since been removed.

Let me save you some time, disappointment, frustration and money.

The great thing about what I get to do is share my mistakes with you and then YOU don’t have to spend $50,000 dollars….sound good?


Here’s a periscope I did and again watch this ONLY if you have excess weight to lose otherwise it’s not gonna make sense.



A new approach to dropping weight


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