I almost quit but then I heard… declare VICTORY

Declare Victory…no matter what!

For the first time in 5 years of my coaching I actually had thoughts of quitting. This past year I have had the largest weight gain I’ve had in 6 years, I’ve had some of the darkest nights of my soul since the season of losing my baby, and the enemy started whispering…

who will listen to you now?

how are you gonna talk about weight loss I mean look at you…you’re not a size 8 anymore you’ve gone up 2 sizes maybe 3?

how can you talk about emotional mastery when you cry almost everyday?

what story are you gonna “rewrite” now?

Can you relate? Has life ever hit you so hard it makes you question your direction? Maybe for you it wasn’t as extreme as losing a parent but maybe you lost the dream of what life would be like for you by now…married, 2.5 kids, a dog, and a big house? Better off financially or wished your kids had turned out better?

I don’t know what it may have been for you OR maybe you’re reading this and you’re like “Cledra life right now for me is better than ever” and PRAISE GOD if that is you(save this for later & forward to a friend).

My point is when darkness comes to our lives the enemy tries to disqualify us for what GOD qualified us to do.

I heard the LORD say…”I didn’t call you because I thought you’d be perfect. I called you because your life would show what’s possible”

I wanna give you the reason my mind is made up to serve you, get this weight off, and BOLDLY teach about emotional mastery. I wanna show you what’s POSSIBLE IN YOUR LIFE and how YOU CAN BE happy EVEN after…after “whatever your fill in the blank” is

1. Wake up and realize there is competition for your thought life & you cannot afford or allow the enemies lies to have real-estate in your mind. CRUSH those thoughts with the word of GOD

2. Your challenge will serve as a stepping stone for God’s glory

3. Trust that GOD is working on your behalf. Trust the heart of GOD even if in this moment you can’t see the hand of GOD moving.

4. Know that the enemy doesn’t challenge people walking in his direction so PRAISE GOD for the challenge and know that YOU DO HAVE WHAT IT TAKES

5. Renew your mind EVERY SINGLE DAY

6. Dress for your SOUL success. Our “soul” is our mind, will, and emotions. Don’t leave the house without dressing your SOUL for success

I wanna share the prayer I wrote in the midst of this battle but I want YOU to commit to sharing it as well, so can you forward this to AT LEAST 1 girlfriend who may need to know that it is her BIRTHRIGHT TO DECLARE VICTORY?

Your PRAYER TO SHARE and I also want to gift you with my “press through to breakthrough” class.  It’s not only what I coached but it’s what I listen to OVER & OVER to continue my own press.  EVERYONE needs DAILY mind renewal…that’s not from me that’s from the word.

Whatever you’re going through…I want you to hold that in your mind and then say…I DECLARE VICTORY(say it) I DECLARE VICTORY…I DECLARE VICTORY…I DECLARE VICTORY




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