The Dismal Stats that Will Kick Your Motivation Into High Gear

There’s no way to sugarcoat this topic so I’m going to give it to you straight, no chaser. (But of course, y’all know I’m saying it with love!) If you look at our ability as Americans to maintain healthy weights, it’s safe to say we need some serious help. Despite working really hard to eat right, exercise, and lose weight, the shocking results show that we’re definitely not going about it the RIGHT way.

Let’s break it down and talk numbers. In the US, more than 2/3 (68.8%) of adults are considered overweight, with over 1/3 (35.7%) considered obese. (Source) I had to rub my eyes when I read those stats. More than HALF of the amazing, smart, hardworking people in our country aren’t able to maintain a healthy weight…which tells us that a) this is an extremely common problem, and b) we just don’t know how to FIX it.

And that’s not to say we’re not trying to fix it. Roughly 50% of American adults are trying to lose weight or maintain their weight by dieting. That explains why the diet industry is so booming nowadays — in 2012, Americans spent $65 BILLION trying to lose weight. From gym memberships to meal replacements…and even to weight-loss surgeries…we spent $65 billion trying to get our butts into gear…literally!(Source)

So…what do we have to show for all that money?

Sadly, not very much.

According to the Penn State College of Medicine, only about one in every six Americans who has ever been overweight loses weight and maintains that loss. (Source) Of people who lose weight by dieting alone, 83% gain MORE weight than they lost after two years. (Source) On average, after completing a structured weight-loss program, people only maintain a 3% weight loss over the next five years. (Source) We put all this time, effort, and money The Dismal Stats that Will Kick Your Motivation Into High Gearinto losing weight…and we can’t even enjoy it for more than a few years…now that just ain’t right!

If you don’t like those odds…and who DOES??…don’t let it get you down, use it to build you UP!

I’m sharing these stats to show you that losing weight in the traditional way clearly isn’t working. If you want to ensure success, you’re going to have to do something DIFFERENT.

One surefire way to work differently is by getting a clear perspective on exactly what’s holding you back. Most people become a statistic because they go into the weight loss journey blind, without fully understanding how it’s going to affect their lives. Over my years as a coach, I’ve found a few common obstacles that prevent people from reaching their goal weights…and I’m exploring each of them in detail in my new audio training “8 Reasons You’re Not at Your Goal Weight.” .For a limited time, I’m offering this audio download as a free gift to you, to help you beat the stats in 2015. Click here to download the complimentary audio training now.

The thing to remember is that long-term weight loss isn’t easy, but it is POSSIBLE. Yes, it will take focus, determination, and a solid plan to outsmart the stats. And yes, you’re going to have to commit to something new and commit to being consistent. But if you can do that, you can and will beat the odds in 2015, I promise you!

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