Myth: Making Money While You’re Sleep

Quotes from rich people can go unchallenged and the quote from Warren Buffet “you either make money in your sleep or you die working to make money”

The challenge is “HOW” isn’t included in the quote.
In this podcast Cledra breaks down the foundational steps you need to take to get your business to the point where you can make money while you sleep.

Without these foundational principles you can do a lot of work and still not have any additional clients.

It’s OK to Leave Money On The Table

In this podcast you’ll learn the impact of believing you can’t leave money on the table.
Cledra shares an example of how an influencer with over 500,000 followers launched a product and sold 142 because of the key misunderstanding of being afraid of leaving money on the table.
You’ll walk away with the 2 things you need to know to grow your business.
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