Activities The Equal The Most Revenue

Every single day is filled with activity. The question is what specific activities lead to the most revenue? In this episode I share the 3 activities you MUST include in order to lead to the most revenue. As a Next Level Woman it’s important that you are clear about how to fill each day. Take a listen and don’t forget to take the next step for us to interact during the Next Level Revenue mastermind where you can get your questions answered

Put Your Business Revenue on Steroids

This weekend we were at the mall celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary and so many of the stores we walked past were empty except for the Apple store. Not only was the store full but there was a line outside of the store. In this episode I share the 3 things from the Apple business model for your business to put your business revenue on steroids. Having consistent growth in your business requires specific steps. Join the Next Level Revenue Mastermind and become a woman committed to reaching the next level in both life and business

Doing the Work – Not Seeing the Money

You’re working hard, but you still aren’t bringing in the money you want in your business. In this episode you’ll learn about key income producing activities as it relates to your social media strategy, your content and how you show up
Your next step is to listen and then to connect with other like-minded female business owners committed to reaching their next level of revenue. Join the Next-Level Revenue Mastermind to join the conversation that matters when it comes to making more money and having a better life

How to Believe New Things

Growth requires believing new things but the process of believing new things isn’t just about positive affirmations. You cannot “fake it until you make it” when it comes to going to the next level. Our performance will always match our beliefs so you must first know the beliefs that aren’t aligned with what you really want. There is a process of believing something new that helps you move from now to next. In this podcast you will learn the 3 step process I use in my practice with my clients to believe new things.