The struggle to make sense of what doesn’t make sense

Struggle comes with trying to make sense out of what  just doesn’t make sense

When we’re going through difficulties, the enemy loves to draw us into a logical discussion.  The reason a “logical discussion” is a sign of temptation is because GOD cannot be reduced to our logic.  There are countless examples of how a “logical discussion” comes before sin.  We can start in Genesis with Eve.  Everything the serpent said seemed “logical”.  We can look at Samson. Everything Delilah said seemed “logical”.  We can look at Sarah. I mean she had waited a VERY long time for that baby and so getting another women to sleep with her husband seemed “logical” at the time.

So how do we protect ourselves from “logic” when logic is what so many of us use to be successful in this world?  If you’re reading this you’re most likely a very accomplished individual with a long list of things you’ve been very successful doing and I bet almost all of them required you to be…LOGICAL.

Today I want to invite you into an ILLOGICAL walk with our GOD and here are some strategies:

  1. Ask GOD to give you HIS vision about the situation. Resist the need to take YOUR vision of the situation to GOD and ask for clarification.
    my real life example
    Logic prayer:  Lord I don’t understand why my first husband found love and marriage again before I did. It’s not fair.
    ILLOGICAL prayer:  Lord, I surrender my desire to be married to you. Give me YOUR VISION for this day about me getting married again
  2. Ask GOD to show you WHO YOU NEED TO BE. Resist the need to talk about changing your circumstances and shift to changing your character
    continuing the real life example
    ILLOGICAL PRAYER: Lord, what skills and what character traits do I need to develop to become the wife for the man you are preparing for me
  3. Ask GOD to give you the STRENGTH for THIS DAY for HIS WILL alone. Resist the need to tell the Lord how you feel like you can’t make it.
    ILLOGICAL PRAYER: Lord, give me the strength to celebrate love with others as I patiently(fruit of the spirit) wait for the love you have for me.
  4. Last step…THANK the LORD in advance
    ILLOGICAL PRAYER: Lord I just thank you for giving me YOUR vision over my situation, I thank you for showing me who I need to be, and Lord I magnify you and praise your name for the gift of another day to grow in you.

BONUS strategy….start with a PRAYER OF SURRENDER(click to download) 

but this just doesn’t make sense


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