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Keynote Topics: 8 Weights to Drop to Wake up to your BEST life

Description of 8 Weight keynote: With Cledra’s book as the backdrop for this talk you will get clear action steps to raise your awareness of how weights you cannot see are supporting the physical weight you think is the problem.

Corporate Engagement Workshops: FOCUS….how to have a NO MATTER WHAT ability to FOCUS in the workplace

FOCUS workshop: Are the changes in your workplace causing people to talk more about the changes than the task at hand ? Are your employees getting the F.L.U.(forgetting the goals, losing focus, and unraveling)? Absence from work due to stress is very common. In this workshop Cledra coaches your employees to have a NO MATTER WHAT kind of focus.

Presentations & Workshops

Happy Face Mask Workshop: How are you? Fine! How’s your family? Great! How are things at work? Oh I’m blessed & highly favored. The happy face mask parades at church , work , family events & even on the phone that is until….until the weight of living 2 lives becomes too heavy. This workshop works well for church events, sororities , team building , & organizations with layers of bureaucracy. Cledra takes each mask—fine–great–favored and gets behind the impact of inauthentic emotions on the health of the person, the family, career & finances

Presentations & Workshops

I Can’t Believe This Happened Workshop: “The only thing worse than your husband telling you he’s seeing someone else is hearing him tell you he’s seeing someone else—AGAIN”—words from Cledras book the 8 weights to drop to wake up to your best life. Cledra writes an entire chapter about dropping the weight of “I can’t believe this happened” including in detail the emotional tsunami of having to survive the news that her baby’s heart had stopped. In this workshop or presentation Cledra will give strategies & tools to not only survive the darkest news but to ultimately thrive. She’ll share how excruciating pain became her fertilizer to live on purpose & in purpose and how you can do the same. No sugar coating it! Cledra gets raw in this workshop about infidelity, divorce & the pain of watching all of her friends become mothers as she felt left out of moving forward in life. This workshop will help transform pain in a way that only someone who has lived it & transformed it can deliver.

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While Cledra can customize her presentation, here are some of her most popular topics. Please note that these can be used as a keynote, workshop, or seminar.
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[service service_style=”style-2″ background_color=”#303030″ service_icon=”” icon_style=”icon-rounded” service_heading=”From Tragedy to Triumph” service_content=”ReWrite Your Story: 8 Weights to Drop to Live Your Best Life is a story of the author’s journey from tragedy to triumph, of dropping over 70 lbs of physical weight and gaining an entirely new life. Exhausted, defeated, and in a yo-yo cycle of weight gain and loss, Cledra McCullers Gross overcame heartbreak, her husband’s infidelity, a devastating miscarriage, and other emotionally overwhelming setbacks that resulted in significant weight gain to discover that the weight she added wasn’t just physical, but emotional, mental, and spiritual. Most books and programs start with what to do with your body.”]
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Rewrite Your Story

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