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ReWrite Your Story
8 Weights to drop to wake up to your best life

Cledra Gross, Founder of PLANBE COACHING

About Cledra:

Cledra Gross, founder of Healthy Boss Ladies, is dedicated to showing women of faith how to release weight and gain the confidence and focus to step into bigger.  

Cledra uses her background as a trained Chemical Engineer , her 21 year corporate background as well as her double certifications in coaching to teach clear step by step life coaching systems, strategies and models to help her clients confidently step into bigger things in life in a body they love. 

 Cledra believes that health is the foundation for the highest quality life possible but it doesn’t have to be an obsession or feel like deprivation.  You can follow cledra on Twitter @…..

Cledra's Philosophy:

Cledra’s philosophy is simple- she provides a clear step by step system to release weight and to step into a bigger life.  

Cledra believes that women of faith should lead and model what it means to be in good health and to live a big life.  She also believes it doesn’t have to be an unhealthy obsession with extreme workouts or meal plans that eliminate food groups.

Cledra believes there is a divine plan for you that only you can walk out.

Cledra’s popular Healthy Boss Ladies programs provide Biblical principles, Life Coaching, and neuroscience with a focus on living a confident big life.  Cledra’s programs use clear models that allow women to effectively manage their mind and their habits to support what they really want

Some of Cledra's Speaking Engagements Include:

Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation 

Girlfriends Pray

Get Radical Women’s Conference 

GreatFUL Woman Talks

Wealthy Sisters Network

Girl Go Be Great

Purpose Driven Woman 

Relevant Life Church Atlanta

Black Girls RUN

House of Judah Ministries

Faith & Fitness at Ebenezer Baptist Church


Cledra Gross is an amazing speaker. She has a way of connecting heart-to-heart with her audience like no other!She really moves you with her beautiful balance of authenticity, vulnerability, passion and purpose. I highly recommend Cledra as a keynote or breakout sessions speaker for women-centric events and groups.

Katherine Morales APR –

President/Founder, Inflection Point Communications

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Social Media:
FB: CledraGross
LinkedIn: CledrGross
YouTube: CledraGross
Twitter: CledraGross
3721 New Macland
Suite 200-373
Powder Springs GA 30127

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