Social Media Visibility Lab

Build Your Online Influence And Attract Clients Ready To Buy

If you've Been Trying To Grow Your Social Media Presence and You Want to Reach More Clients - This Lab is For You!

Social media is a very noisy space!  It seems nearly everyone has something to say and  have products and services they’re trying to sell. 

Building a business on Social Media can feel  like your trying to reach your potential clients in a crowded and noisy room! You can be certain of this – SHOUTING LOUDER does not help

In the crowded spaces of Social Media Platforms you must have the right strategies to that SET YOUR BRAND apart and strategies that ATTRACT CLIENTS READY TO BUY!

You've watched others master the noisy and crowed
Social Media space - so why not YOU TOO?

What's different? they may have better strategies!

Cledra isn't going to just TELL you - She's going to SHOW you!

I'm Cledra

Let me cut to the chase! 
Someone coined the phrase “Practice Make Perfect!” Well, that’s not true if what you’re doing doesn’t work! If your inbox is not busting at the seams with people wanting to talk to you about your product and your services then that’s a clear sign that you need better tools and strategies. Let me help you to reach your clients.

In the Social Media Visibility Lab I will  teach you [AND show you] how to overcome the crowed and noisy space of ANY Social Media  platform with clear brand messaging and posting content that will set your brand apart from the rest. 

Don't Shout Louder - Speak More Clearly!

Social Media Visibility Lab

Most Social Media” how to classes”  give you outdated information that just adds more work to your already busy schedule
Not Here. 

In this “LAB” We will be with you step by step as you not just learn by also Put into practice what you’ve WHILE IN THE CLASS! Yes, you will SEE Your work put into motion and see the results during this lab.
Whether you’re a “newbie” entrepreneur or an experienced business owner/Life Coach this lab is for you. 

How To Create Content to convert

Learn how to write content based on the unique needs of your audience

Attracting clients ready to buy

Learn to attract hot clients  ready to buy. No more wasted time convincing  “tire kickers” 

how to create a social media posting strategy

Learn how to create a strategic posting strategy that serve your business goals

Build and elevate your online brand

Learn how to be competitive, to be different, and to be strategic. Separate your brand from the rest

How It Works

Immediate Access

You get immediate access to ALL classes and resources

Group Labs

Work in a closed community of other business owners just like you

Watch The Results

Watch in real time the results of implementing what you’ve learned

Are You Ready....

Attract clients Able to pay your asking price without haggling

create a business that supports you doing what you love

create a social media presence that reflects your brand

Build a brand that does not convince clients - they come already convinced

Social Media Visibility Lab


only $297.00

you cannot afford NOT to invest!