So pretty & so shallow

People ask me all of the time “Cledra how do you stay motivated to workout almost everyday” and the answer is I don’t. I DO NOT STAY motivated however I do stay committed to my WHY.  WHY I do this is beyond how I look.  Most people reduce working out and eating right to reasons to change a number on a scale or reasons to look a certain way and while there’s nothing wrong with those reasons they just aren’t deep enough to sustain you when storms of life come.

When disappointment, death, divorce, or any major changes comes to your life the number on the scale  and the size of your thighs become low priority and so IF those are the reasons you’re taking care of yourself most people stop when the stresses of life come.

That’s why the 3 pillars of PlanBE Coaching are workOUT, workTHROUGH, and workWITHIN.  The workWITHIN means to pray, meditate, learn emotional management, and ultimately shift from a single focus of being pretty to BEing POWERFUL & PURPOSEFUL and THAT is  from the INSIDE out.

A person with a “WHY” that is based only on appearance is like a cream puff……… pretty and yet so shallow.


workWITHIN and watch how your life begins to workOUT



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