Should we all leave like Jon Stewart?

I don’t watch a lot of news but I did catch a blip about Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show and what struck me the most was his response to what he was going to do first “I’m going to have dinner on a school night with my family”. He wanted to do something money couldn’t buy. He wanted to do something that only a shift in priority could change. Is it time for YOUR shift in priorities? Is there a “daily show” that YOU should leave as well?

Here’s what I think……….

Somewhere along the way the name of the neighborhood became more important than knowing the name of your neighbor

Somewhere along the way our position on the corporate ladder became more important than our position in purpose

Somewhere along the way a text with an emoticon replaced a phone call or a visit

Somewhere along the way the number of square feet of the house became more important than the number of nights we had dinner with the people in the house

Somewhere along the way we became to busy to be bothered

Somewhere along the way we mistakenly started to believe that we actually owned our life instead of waking up the reality that it’s a temporary loan

And then at some point we get tired
We get tired of trying to fit earning more money or dumping more Prada, Chanel & Gucci into a hole that can only be filled with a WHOLE life.

A life that includes a list of the priceless moments like….dinner with your family
A life that includes things that only a commitment to being fully present can bring like genuine love
A life that includes what REALLY matters.

So on my question to you on this Valentines Day of 2015….is it time for you to leave YOUR DAILY SHOW & go home?


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