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My company is a Christian based lifestyle coaching practice with the single intention of
supporting your journey to live your life by God’s Divine Design when it
comes to your health, your relationships, and God assigned purpose.
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Using the “red dot” analogy that you see on those large boards at the mall that say “YOU ARE HERE” I take you through what I call a GAP analysis for your Body/Wellness, Relationships and purpose where we identify “the divide” between the YOU ARE HERE RED DOT and God’s Divine Design for your life.  It’s the modern day equivalent to the wilderness that must be crossed to reach the promise land.  You do have a promise land in the land of the living but just like in the bible few make it because they aren’t obedient on the journey through the “divide”(the distance between where you are now and walking fully in the completeness of God’s divine design for your entire LIFE not just your body)

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  • Daily Scripture
  • Daily “run with it” strategy
  • Daily focus and commitment reset
  • Daily workOUT, workTHROUGH, workWITHIN nuggets

Monthly coaching call focused on your life by God’s Divine Design
Monthly open Q& A call
Closed Facebook Group Community : Life by God’s Divine Design
It’s so important to be in an environment of people committed to the same thing with the foundation being God’s word. Sometimes that’s just not available in your neighborhood or in your current circle of friends and family.

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That leads me to the “roof” …Life by God’s Divine Design  Jeremiah 29:11

The next level:



Decide that you are going to give 100 % to every new day that you get. Giving 100% is NOT analogous to being perfect. It means giving all that you have for all that you control in every moment that you get.


Renewing your mind daily is the exercise for this level


By putting on the Helmet of Salvation (the armor of GOD).


Free will is the birthright for the believer from God…will is never imposed it is about personal responsibility to say “ I CHOOSE…”


Spiritual disciplines must be integrated into you life

  • Prayer
  • Fasting
  • Meditating
  • Practice of stillness
  • Peace with silence
  • Quieting the noise

HOW? I coach these practices using the foundation(God’s word) to help you create space for revelation about your next steps.  My work isn’t about telling you what to do. My work is about supporting you in creating space for revelation to know what to do. I do that by helping you drop the weight you CANNOT see in the spiritual realm…noise, a busy mind, too many inputs, and then once those weight are dropped we rise to the next level of work


Dress for SOUL SUCCESS…there are 6 pieces of spiritual armor.

  • 3 must be worn at all times…they represent the soul success uniform for the believer(breastplate of righteousness, belt of truth, shoes of the gospel of peace)
  • Every attack on peace in your life needs to be taken straight back tot he spiritual realm and countered with God’s truth…that’s the meaning of “walk and not be weary” because you’re in the shoes of the gospel of peace
  • 3 others you “take up” when you need them(shield of faith, helmet of salvation, and sword of the spirit)

For the believer we must go beyond the idea of positive thinking to recognizing the root cause of thought. The enemy often attacks our thoughts. To prove this I get my clients to wake up to their thought life. The moment their peace is disturbed I teach them to not look at what they can see(the person who “made” them mad, the job situation that “made” them feel stressed) but to go to the THOUGHT that came BEFORE.  My work addresses the root cause and not the fruit. Most programs address the fruit and then get you into what I call “symptom management”.  Manage your stress, manage your eating, manage your thoughts…NO! Why manage what you could eliminate if you knew how to re-engineer your thoughts using the armor of GOD?  When you know how to “dress for soul success” you don’t need to manage symptoms because…you’ve change the root cause of them and therefore they no longer exist …at least not to the level of being annoying. They no longer have access to your emotions.  You know how to master your emotions because you will know how to do causality work and not “fruit’ management work. You will never have to worry about managing your weight for example once you know how to re-engineer your thoughts and master your emotions. Why wrestle with something that you have authority to defeat?  In my work…we take it down we don’t play with it!
This requires DAILY attention and intention.  It was born from my YEARS of having a therapist, going to church, joining one weight loss program after the other, hiring life coaches, reading books and trying o put it all together to have the life that my spirit was whispering for me to have.  It was H-A-R-D to integrate all of the pieces but I have and now that’s what I offer to you. When you workTHROUGH by getting dressed for soul success each day…you become the unstoppable conqueror that’s your birthright!

See nothing outside of you can stop you…YOU are stopping you.

The level people love to hate: The body (the container)

We spend so much time weighing the container, measuring and decorating the container when it just takes orders. It takes orders from our soul which takes orders from our spirit which is why the focus on the container as the first thing is always a futile attempt. You can never change a container until you change what’s driving the container.

I have 2 degrees in engineering and so I’m well trained to look at a process and see the inefficiencies.  As a Chemical Engineer my job was to look at the final product and then assess how to make the process of creating that product even more efficient and then also to raise the quality.  I discovered I love to do that with people more than equipment.

I share that to say that if your product (your body) is not at the quality you want then I don’t focus on the product I focus on the PROCESS you’re using that created that body. Make sense?

Most people try to effect change at the product (body) level…change what you eat, change your workouts, change the time of day you’re eating , increase your will power and my most hated term” you gotta want it bad”…but call me radical but I believe you already know when you’re shoving that donut in your mouth that it’s not the thing to eat to change your product(body), call me radical but I think you already know that eating at midnight and then going to bed will probably not help you rest well, call me radical but I think you DO want a better body…what I think you need is more support to make those decisions and not more information about those decisions.

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To help millions of women claim the inheritance God has for them for their health, relationships and purpose by providing the strategies, tools, and techniques to use the word of GOD to live by God’s Divine Design.

God Assigned Purpose



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