Seasons changed (again)… Have You?

It’s a new season…at least according to the calendar but what about in your LIFE?  I don’t know about you but 2014 has been filled with both exciting and challenging news, but as we head into the fall of the year I want to ask you if the vision you had for 2014 is on track to becoming a reality?

If not then I want to share the common obstacles to making your vision a reality:


  1.  Lone Ranger

If you are trying to make major changes alone you are not positioning yourself for success.  Every person playing at the top of their game has a coach or mentor. It’s important to be in a community of support with people who are focused on a similar goal with an equal level of commitment.  In the absence of community when you hit an obstacle you don’t have anywhere to turn


  1. K.I.A

You are very intelligent and have a lot of responsibility at work and even in your personal life but on some level you are a KNOW IT ALL(K.I.A.) You mistakenly believe that KNOWING something means that you have mastered it when actually knowing something is the lowest level investment to change.  It’s just the first step.  You must move from knowing to applying to applying consistently to applying consistently under challenging conditions.


  1. Inconsistency

You start strong and then you quit. You know how to hit it hard you just don’t know how to hit it consistently but because you’ve had moderate success “hitting it hard” you stay in that cycle.


  1. Willpower instead of Strategy

You mistakenly believe that ALL YOU NEED IS WILLPOWER and if you WANT IT BAD ENOUGH you will get it.  That’s partially true but not entirely.  I haven’t had a single client who didn’t WANT to drop ALL weight. The issue is that “LIFE” got in the way and she didn’t have STRATEGIES to NAVIGATE the CHALLENGES that LIFE DEALS ALL OF US


If any of these sound familiar I am SO excited to be able to serve more women through my partnership with the Steve Harvey Radical Success Institute!  You and I will be together for 10 weeks in an interactive PlanBE Life Coaching class where I walk you through the steps to not only remove the obstacles keeping you from realizing your vision but give you STRATEGIES to be more consistent.  In our virtual classroom you can attend from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to a computer and in addition to that convenience the software being used will allow you to see me and we can interact.  So no recordings, no “packaged” solutions but REAL TIME solutions for YOU.


So if you are ready to get back on track to fill in the blank for what 2014 will mean for you then I look forward to “seeing” you. Just click HERE to enroll!!

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