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Private Coaching With Cledra

Private coaching with me means that you are ready to face forward  and set a compelling vision for this season in your life. 

Step 1

Determine which type of private coaching best suits your need. The options are:


I give my clients the tools to:

Achieve Their Goals

Increase Productivity

Increase Levels of Success

Uproot Self-Imposed Limitations

Take Action and Stop the Procrastination


I help my clients to discover the root causes that are weighing them down and holding them back. The obstacles you cannot see.

Then we make an action plan to get started with reasonable goals and accountability.

WHat I Don’t do:

Therapy. We start where you are today and move forward.

I’ve helped hundreds of women overcome obstacles of their past and to RE-WRITE THEIR STORIES!

Be prepared to invest $2,000 to $5,000 for private coaching


Grow your NWM Biz Coaching

6 weeks to grow your NWM business

Be prepared to invest $2,000 to $3,000 for business coaching

Step 2

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