It's Time to live in FREEDOM Again!

No matter who you are, where you live, or what status you hold, the unexpected obstacles and oppositions can take it’s toll on us as women. 

I am passionate about women being freed from the lasting effects of life’s disruptions that cause us to live within the limiting shadows of our past experiences.  Life has brought us disappointments, hurts, tragedies, and mis-fortunes. Outwardly, one would not know that we’ve been through what we’ve been through because we’ve mastered the art of masking. Presenting outwardly to others what we are depleted of inwardly. 

The effects of what is missing internally manifests externally: physical weight – financial weight – are all a part of a life out of balance.

From stay-at-home moms  to corporate executives, I’ve helped hundreds of women take off the mask and  open their hearts to believe again. God has more for you because you’re still here, so I ask you are you ready to 

STEP INTO freedom?

"I want you to expect to be FREE of the very thing that you've never been able to overcome!"


Private Coaching

If you want private One-on-One Coaching, here’s how it works…

I give my clients the tools to:

Achieve Their Goals

Increase Productivity

Increase Levels of Success

Uproot Self-Imposed Limitations

Take Action and Stop the Procrastination


I help my clients to discover the root causes that are weighing them down and holding them back. The obstacles you cannot see.

Then we make an action plan to get started with reasonable goals and accountability.

What I Don’t do:

Therapy. We start where you are today and move forward.

I’ve helped hundreds of women overcome the destructive communication of their past and to STEP INTO BIGGER!

"Cledra is a phenomenal Life Coach. Her style of coaching reaches the Total Women. It not only focus on my physical attributes but Cledra has helped me see how the total package of Spirit, Body, and Soul are all key players in this process. What stands out most to me is Cledra’s transparency of her own journey and how she allows us to walk with her.."