No shame for weight gain





Sometimes this time of the year can bring a lot of shame. Shame because once again the end of ANOTHER year is approaching and you didn’t lose the weight. Shame because once again the end of ANOTHER year is approaching and you feel like you just missed the mark. I remember feeling so much shame after my divorce. At that time I was what I called “house poor” meaning after I paid my mortgage I didn’t have much left for my bills, so I stopped opening my bills.  I remember I would pay my Best Buy credit card because it had the most interest so some months I’d pay $20 and other months I’d pay more but I knew it probably wasn’t enough.  After some time the Best Buy bill collector started calling and I would ignore their calls until one day I pushed past my shame and told my Mother that I hadn’t been opening my bills. She had sent me an encouraging card like she often did and because I hadn’t mentioned it I had to confess that it was because I seldom checked my mail anymore until I got one of those ugly post its about cleaning my mailbox or have my mail forwarded to a postoffice.  My Mother as always was compassionate and told me to stop doing that and just face it. Whatever the bill was I needed to face it and I needed to answer the calls and workout a payment plan. So as always the phone call came the next week from Best Buy but this time I answered and to my surprise after they verified who I was they said they had been trying to contact me because I had paid in full and they wanted to verify the address to send my refund check. All that shame and all that anxiety and all that energy spend avoiding and ignoring the calls for NOTHING!  I had in fact OVER PAID to the point of being eligible for a refund.


Romans 8:1 says so there is NOW no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus We don’t have to live in condemnation.

Jesus paid it all on the cross. He paid for our chance at our BEST even in our worse.


So I’m inviting you to DROP THE WEIGHT OF SHAME today.  DROP IT! DROP IT and pick up a renewed mind to do this next year differently.


Commit to these steps to have the BEST chance at your BEST:

  1. Drop the WEIGHT of shame TODAY. You did the best you could with what you had and so it is for better or worse it was what you could do then.

  2. Commit to renewing your mind about your weight journey.  What’s working, what’s not working, what would having support do?

3. Write a letter of forgiveness……to YOU!  We can spend SO much time on “should” that we forget about CAN. What CAN be done NOW? After you forgive write how NOW will be different.

  1.  Let me know you dropped the weight of shame.   Send me an email at saying Cledra I did it! I dropped it and I’m ready to move on.   Here’s to your BEST being paid in full…….will you answer the call?     cledra-signature-900x450

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