Let me teach you how to scale your business so you can

Work 20 hours a Week for 200K+ per Year!

Take Your Business Growth to new Levels!

That's exactly what we will in this 20hrs For 200k+ mastermind.

No matter if you're an executive starting your exit strategy, or entrepreneur targeting your next income level, or a life coach expanding your client base the process is the same and we know how to get you there!

What You Will Not Be Doing!

Pouring more work on top of the work you already have!
Getting overwhelmed with techie-talk!
Creating complicated and confusing strategies!
Busy work that do not yield results!

"What's the point of "working harder" if you're doing the wrong things?"

What Makes This Coaching Mastermind Different?

The Profit Triangle™ is our unique systematic approach to growing your business and revenue. We will address the three crucial and fundamental aspects of your business; CEO - Sales - Marketing. No one grows a viable business without these.
In this mastermind, We will give the keys to unlock each of these important aspects for your business success. In 20 For 200k+ mastermind you're not left drowning in information, but we walk with you as you implement for success. You're not left alone to figure it all out. We keeps things simple and intentional. This is the best mastermind investment in the industry - period!

Get Better At What You're Already Doing
AND Make More Money and have a better life!

leave behind the hustle and the ineffective hard work – drastically reduce the exhausting workload

This Investment is Geared Towards Your Continued Growth as a Business Owner and Entrepreneur

Increase Your Conversion Rates
Increase the Quality of Your Audience
Create Offers That Are Hard to Refuse
Increase Demand for Your Services

The NextLevel Mastermind™ opens you to a new level of thinking which leads to new levels of income!

THINK - Like a CEO
SALE - With Mastery
MARKET - With Precision


NextLevel Mastermind™ 20 For 200k+ includes

Clients have used just these video trainings to grow their businesses exponentially. And at minimum have made their investment back right away by implementing the process without delay. You can go through our past LIVE Events and every past coaching call as well and apply it all right now to your business. There is not one video in this portal that you can’t put into practice right now!

Every week we mastermind together with structured calls that mix core teachings to strengthen your strategy, and master-level coaching to help you execute your goal. You learn from every business in the room. It energizes your mind and accelerates your goal.

Some clients work best in groups. If that’s you, these calls will be a favorite part of your mastermind experience. Meet each week with your colleagues for a focus block. Spend the time working together, giving feedback, and discussing. Each week has a specific topic, so you can come to hammer out sales copy, work on your launches, or work on believing something new together. You can get so much done when you have your entire mastermind working with you!

Share your specific business challenge in the group setting. If chosen, Cledra will work with you in detail for a session as you learn the specifics of how to achieve results.

Celebrate your wins. Share your expertise. Get quick coaching when you need it right away. Share your evaluations and get fresh eyes on them. This is the most valuable coaching community you can find. And everyone is eager to help you. You will feel you belong in this group. Sharing and serving is what we do best!

This is your SOS messages to tough obstacles your facing in the moment. Business hours [Eastern Time Zone] 2 hr or less response time.

The quality of your business comes from the quality of your thinking. Meet every week with Cledra to work through any roadblocks your brain encounters to believe in your  $200k goal. Process emotions so they don’t show up in your marketing, selling, and decision-making. Have the space to focus on YOU as the CEO every single week.


NextLevel Life and Business™

Tailored Coaching.

Tailored results are the  biggest benefits my private coaching. You get tailored coaching that meets your individual goals.

Expect a professional yet more intimate coaching environment that facilitates sharing your unique challenges, problems, concerns, and questions. Whether you’re facing challenges in your life, business, or both, I help you to Make More Money and to Have a Better Life!

Take your life and business to the NextLevel! Tailored Coaching for Tailored Results! You’re going to LOVE IT!

Invest in private coaching with Cledra and create AMAZING RESULTS in your life and business

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