mindset reset

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9 Day Mindset Reset

If you’re exhausted from tracking, prepping, chopping, and packing only to lose more time and money and not weight then consider a different approach.


Begin with a 9 day mindset reset

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1. Have DAILY accountability goals…do you ever start really strong but then “life” happens and you fall off track? Cledra will be with you for 9 days to not only hold you accountable to your goals but give your strategies to STICK TO IT!


2. DAILY Coaching from Cledra for 15-20 minutes. Imagine having Cledra coach you every single day for 9 days straight. You’ll get mindset strategies based on the word of GOD and tools used in Cledra’s coaching practice. You will be a part of the closed Mindset Reset Facebook group where you can have 24/7 access to updates from Cledra.


3. Access to Cledra’s Nutrition Plan. If you’re juggling work, life, and meal prep really well then you’ll get support to continue BUT if you’re like most people and your meal prep and consistency with eating healthy is a challenge Cledra will give you access to how she juggles it all and share her “60 second” meal prep plan.