Sometimes You Have to Lose it all to Gain it all

I had worked hard to recover from a very painful divorce
I had worked hard to accept that I would never be a biological Mother.
I had worked hard to drop excess weight from not only my body but from my heart….so why….why was I still alone?

Losing it All to Gain It All

I remember crying out to GOD….I’m ready. I’m ready for that special someone. I’m ready to love. I’m ready to love…again. I’m ready because this time it’s because I”m so full I have alot to give. This time my agenda is complete surrender to GOD’s will for my life. I sounded healthy & thought I was healthier than I’ve ever been.

I now realize that GOD withheld love, new friends, a new home and more because HE had to break my need to define myself based on status……….marital, parental, vocational, geographical.

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Married, single, divorced, widowed, biological parent, parent by adoption, parent by surrogacy, never a parent, picking up garbage, or being picked up by a hired driver, house in the Hamptons, or house in the blog_losetogainhood….

Our position in this world matters less than our position in CHRIST.

And when we can hold fast to who we are because of WHO we belong to then we can say it is well…it is well…no matter the position I hold in this world…it is well with my Soul.

When we can be ok to not have it all HE blesses us with it all!

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