Lighten up & just enjoy yourself

The temperature is heating up and that means vacation, family reunions, summer break, summer holidays and with that comes all of the justification to “lighten up and just enjoy yourself”.  I was talking to a client recently about my trip to Mexico and she asked me if I MADE myself workout and drink my favorite meal replacement shake.  When I shared that I didn’t MAKE myself I CHOSE to both workout AND have 1 shake a day (I normally do 2) she said…Cledra do you ever LIGHTEN UP AND JUST ENJOY YOURSELF?

I found that interesting because she made me realize that MY definitions at 46 and 9 months of what it means to LIGHTEN UP AND ENJOY MYSELF have changed.  In this season a lot is changing …my hormones are shifting, my Daddy has transitioned, my eye sight has changed about what it means to LIGHTEN UP AND ENJOY MYSELF.  I’ve struggled with weight since age 11 when I got on the scale in for the Presidential Fitness test and at 5’9″ and 135 lbs I declared myself fat. Obviously I wasn’t but because IT WAS MY DEFINITION I operated based on that definition and began dieting.

Similarly if your DEFINITION of ENJOYING YOURSELF is pigging out, being inactive, laying around in a carb coma for a few days only to return home bloated, annoyed that your clothes are tighter, and angry for doing what you already knew wouldn’t have a great outcome…no thanks.  Been there done that had the Lane Bryant charge card for years to support ENJOYING MYSELF.

Hear me clearly…I am passing NO  judgment for how YOU want to define “enjoyment” but as for me and my 46 years and 9 month temple that holds the Holy Spirit that I need every moment to make it in this season…my definition includes making choices that keep me awake to this short thing called life.


My definition includes making choices that limit and come close to eliminating time wallowing about the way I look.  Spent most of my 20s and 30s fighting that scale…I”m done.
I’m less concerned about a number and more concerned about a LIFE. The LIFE my GOD sent HIS only son for me to live abundantly.  I’ve allowed that lesser voice that we all have to rob me of a lot of time, energy , and money being a professional starter on programs that I never finished only to lose money and gain weight and regret.

No…”enjoying myself” has new meaning….what about for you?  How do you “lighten up and enjoy yourself?”

No one gets out of life alive…I plan to leave here on “E” and that’s for ENERGIZED ’cause I”m empty from pouring it all out!





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