Cledra Gross

Founder, CEO

For over 20 years, Cledra excelled as a superstar in pharmaceutical sales managing multi million dollar territories and consistently breaking sales records! Cledra earned the highest honor a pharmaceutical rep could receive - The coveted President’s Award. However, professional success did not come without personal setback that would lead Cledra to seek out a life coach.

As Cledra often says “I didn’t choose life coaching, life coaching chose me”

What was borne out of personal struggles was an understanding that life and business go hand in hand, success in one area does not guarantee success in both.

Cledra can identify and empathize with the many women like her: strong, driven, competitive, and achieving. Women who ask the question: “Can I make money, be successful, without sacrificing what’s most important in my life?”

Feeling called to answer that question by demonstrating that it was possible - Cledra left pharma knowing that she was created to make a greater impact, to live out her purpose and passion, to help women entrepreneurs and coaches to take their lives and businesses to the “NextLevel: Make More Money and Have a Better a Better Life!” Cledra is your Life and Business Strategist!

Fast forward and Cledra’s passion and purpose is being fulfilled helping entrepreneurial women all over the globe to persevere and to thrive even when life doesn’t go as planned.
Cledra has learned from the best and is now recognized as one of the best. She’s stood on stage with household names, an author, highly sought after speaker, proven entrepreneur, and Master Life coach with an international clientele.

Cledra’s vision for her company is to raise the bar and standards for the coaching industry and to continue to grow her global community of entrepreneurs and coaches who are committed to defining success by the lives they improve

The Question is: Are You Ready?

You Can Benefit From My 90k Investment!

In “What I Wished I Had Known before investing $90k” Author Cledra Gross shares valuable lessons  crucial to becoming a successful life coach or entrepreneur. 

Get answers to the questions you don’t know to ask, shorten the learning curve to success by knowing what common  mistakes to avoid. 

Work 20 hours for 200K+

My coaching model was designed for executives, entrepreneurs, and life coaches who are committed to success in both Life and Business! 
I teach clients how to succeed without sacrificing the life they love

Life and Business - Together.

Life affects business as business affects life. NextLevel Life and Business™ coaching approach combines both.

It’s time to gain the tools you need to overcome the negative chatter that’s blocking your NextLevel of increase in your entrepreneurial , professional, and personal life. New thinking opens you to new processes, which leads to new results, new results lead to higher revenue!

We will address not just what you’re thinking but we will also address what you’re doing. Get access to the behind-the-curtain life and business information that creates real and profitable results.   If you know that you have more in you then make this investment in yourself .

Whether you chose NextLevel Life and Business™ tailored one-on-one coaching, or NextLevel™ 20/4/200, be prepared for remarkable change! Are You Ready to Make More Money and  Have a Better Life

Our Values

Our core values exemplify who we are and what we stand for. They act as a compass for our leadership and guide our company as a whole. Our team members embody these values proudly in everything they do.

we care about our clients

We coach what we live

We Deliver only the best

We value and deeply appreciate the opportunity to serve our clients. Our client’s success is what motivates and drive this company and its team members everyday

We set our ethical bar very high!
We will not promote practices that we do not employ ourselves. We know our practices work because we use them ourselves

Our clients deserve the best and we believe that we should deliver the best experience to every client. This value determines the quality benchmark throughout our company

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