2 of my favorite lessons from my Daddy

White banana seat, pink trim, shiny handle bars…I was too excited to learn how to ride my new bike.  My Daddy had one hand on the left handle bar and the other on the back of my white banana seat at the top of a slight hill. I remember him saying…”ok you ready? when I let you go you gotta look straight ahead and keep peddling…you got it?…ready?”  He pushed me and he let me go and I did exactly what he told me to do…I looked straight ahead and kept peddling.  I can still hear his voice…you got it…you got it…go’head you got it.

On today I choose to remember the push, my Daddy letting go, and his voice so loud saying YOU GOT IT…GO’HEAD YOU GOT IT…keep going YOU GOT IT!

On this Father’s Day weekend I am so thankful for that lesson that day on the bike and so many more. Another favorite lesson…my Daddy told me “when I go don’t hold on to that day…it’s gonna be a sad day for you but I want you to hold on to all of the other days. We will always have more great days than the day I go. Remember all of the other days”. And so I counted “all of the other days”…all of the other days leading up to his appointed time to go be with the Lord and it was 44 years, 7 months and 2 days and I even had a bracelet made with 4472 to remind me when my mind wants to drift to the one day I guide it back to “all of the other days”

And so I offer these 2 lessons from my Daddy to you:

  1. push, let go, and keep going
  2. don’t hold on to the day that changed everything…hold on to all of the other days


Thank you GOD for all of the other days.

Thank you GOD for the wake up call that we come here to eventually go.

Thank you GOD for the grace on this Father’s Day weekend to do what my Daddy did so many times for me…push, let go and keep going.







Share some of “all of your other days” this Fathers Day!



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