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Success in Life and Business is a Matter of Intentional Thinking

The thoughts we think everyday are adopted messages from being exposed to environments that are more comfortable with us 


At Your Pace but not Alone
Join an incredible community of women with the same passion for personal success and achievement as you do.
Once a week Cledra meets with you in the group to answer assignment questions and to assist you in your progress.  
Life and Business Academy 
What Should You Expect? 
Growth Focused Community 
Like minded women committed to growth
You don’t have to grow alone
Conversations That Dig Deep
Talk about what REALLY matters
To up level your life
Mind-blowing Transformation
Create a future better than you've let yourself imagine
It's Your Move
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Cledra Is Trusted By Her Clients
She Helps Her Clients To Get Results
As a busy physician with a private practice, it is important that i place self care as a priority.
I decided to invest  in private life coaching with Cledra because I was challenged with overwhelm and life priorities.
During these past 8 months,  Cledra has taught me to dream bigger and to BELIEVE that  my  life dreams are possible.
Her skillset  is remarkable and uncanny at uncovering my true personality and my heart desire., and how that ALL fits in to who I am as a person and my life mission.

Dr. Lisa Brandy - Podiatrist 
Now that Cledra has been my Life Coach my life has changed. I feel free and I'm the happiest I have ever been. Her thought tree has helped me to think differently about circumstances that once perplexed me or that held me back. Having the thought tree system is allowing me to move into action, creating the results I want spiritually, emotionally, physically and in relationships and in my career. I recommend Cledra because I am confident that she can help any woman advance in every area of their life, breaking free from chains that bind and again, stepping into freedom!
Tracey Ferguson - Financial Strategist
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Your Success Begins With Having the Right Strategy
Meet Your Strategist!

Cledra knows what it’s like to be a top performer focused on a checklist only to check everything off and still feel unfulfilled. She finished #1 in her undergraduate class of Chemical Engineering and had her pick of top schools to enter a doctorate program, but she instead pursued a 21 year career in the pharmaceutical industry before stepping into her passion of combining engineering, neuroscience, life coaching and her faith to create results in the lives of literally hundreds of women around the world. Cledra has developed a system called the Thought Tree™ that empowers women to free themselves from adopted thoughts that don’t support or serve their best life.

Cledra believes that we are all beautifully made but horribly programmed and her life’s work is to teach women how bring intention their thoughts in order to Step Into the Freedom they desire.

Cledra Gross
Founder, CEO
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