“just” —the lie we tell

I JUST had one piece of cake
but the TRUTH is that you know sweets set you up to crave more sweets

We’re JUST friends
but the TRUTH is you want a committed relationship but you settle

I JUST got one because it was on sale
but the TRUTH is your finances are a mess a one was one too many

We JUST talk about the game & keep it light
but the TRUTH is you want to talk about a future together

He JUST needs some time to see where this is going
but the TRUTH is he’s clear on sleeping with you and keeping your “relationship” a secret

The TRUTH can only set us free when we stop the LIES holding us HOSTAGE.

When we spend our time with people we know aren’t emotionally available to give us what we need and we spend our money on things that we know can’t fill the void we’re really feeling we’re holding ourselves hostage to settling for less than our best.


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