It's Time To Tell a New Story

For every result you want to create there is a story you’re telling yourself. Most people aren’t aware of the story playing in the background that gets in the way of what they really want to create.
It’s easy to dismiss this as something that isn’t important but everything created is created twice. First in the invisible space in the mind in the form of a story and then secondly in the visible space.
Wake up to your story about the results you really want. 

Accountability is not a Bad Word

Having accountability and someone to be with you every step of the way makes all of the difference. I’m here to fight with you and for you in two ways. 

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Success requires determination and the right strategies to create the results you want in your life and business 

You Do Not Have to Do It Alone

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Have You Read Cledra's Book?

REWrite Your Story

ReWrite Your Story: 8 Weights to Drop to Live Your Best Life. This book starts with what to do with your mind, emotions, and spirit, because the bottom line is that extra physical weight is a reflection of extra weight in other areas of our lives.