The Inner Circle

A Unique Monthly Life Coaching Program

A community for Pastors Wives
led by a Pastors Wife

Inside of the In Health Inner Circle we focus on a few core areas

Mental and Emotional Health 

Strengthening Relationships (the first ministry – home, church and work)

Defining Your Unique Needs For Greater Fulfillment In Ministry

The Inner Circle Helps Pastor's Wives to Prioritize Their Needs With the Demands of Ministry

3 John 1:2 commands us to be in health and to prosper just as our soul prospers. Inside of the membership you will learn how to create your personal “plan to prosper” from the leading of the Lord. This includes retiring from the worlds focus on dieting and adopting a focus of being in health. It is my prayer that using the Bible and learning how to use your brain will be the breakthrough you need to make this the last program you have to join to improve your health

How to Coach Yourself

Coach yourself daily using the SOGA Thought Tree™ and manage the emotional demands of ministry

Life Work Balance

balance your marriage, family, health and work demands from the inside out

Leading While Grieving

continue to lead without unhealthy compromises while allowing your heart to grieve.

Re-write Your Story

Rewrite life's situations to maintain your overall emotional health while leading ministry

Here's How The Inner Circle Works:

Every month there’s a new topic to focus on with a new course

There are weekly live group coaching calls (replay available)

There will be bonus courses as GOD leads

Private Coaching…if you want to work privately you can do that as well. Private coaching is like hiring a trainer at the gym. You can do it as an option but it is NOT necessary. We recognize that sometimes there are issues too sensitive for a group and we want to provide this opportunity.

Monthly Membership $47.00

*cancel monthly subscription at anytime*