I see more than one & she’s FEARLESS

Ever notice when a woman is having multiple babies that there is a large team to support the birth?

I don’t know about you but the “sonogram” for 2015 is showing that there is more than one birth about to take place in my life and in the lives of the women I serve.

There are businesses, new careers, new relationships, books, celebrations, and more “growing” on the inside of women who are no longer willing to live inferior to their calling and purpose.

I’m SO excited to share my “birthing team” for The Fearless Living Experience. I get to stand alongside 29 other powerful women who know how to give birth & who know the importance of being clear on when to breathe through the pain, when to rest, and ultimately when to push hard ……..giving it all you got!

Our first “baby” shower will be in Maryland June 27th from 2-5pm
I hope to see you there as this powerful team of women will demonstrate what fearless living is all about!

ps……you’ll even get to hold the baby!!
Updated flyer CLEDRA GROSS

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