I couldn’t help but eat because……..

Stressed at work….you eat

Hormones raging….you eat

Bad news…………you eat

A lot going on in your life….you eat

NOthing external to you has the power to MAKE you do anything.  Let me say that again…NOthing external has the power to MAKE you do anything.  We CHOOSE to give our power away by giving external people, things, and situations the KEYS to our emotional house.  You can make all the resolutions you want. You can get as excited as you want about the New Year, but in all of the rah rah hoopla don’t forget to CHANGE THE LOCKS.

Those SAME KEYS will be coming for you in 2015……stress, busyness, overwhelm, frustration, disappointment, sadness, hard times and unless you have CHANGED THE LOCKS on your EMOTIONAL HOUSE the excitement of a new year will not help you.  The pretty pictures on your vision board will not save you.  The emotionally driven declarations that “this is YOUR year” will fail you.

We have become hooked on emotional highs while disregarding the WORK to gain SKILLS, STRATEGIES, and TECHNIQUES to get us through LIFE.


HOW do you change the “locks” on your emotional house?  I”m glad you asked

  1. workWITHIN…..To workWITHIN means to meditate.  Now before you think that means sitting with your feet wrapped around your torso let me be clear. You already meditate. That’s what you’re doing when you torture yourself with horrible “what if” scenarios”.  That’s what you’re doing when you focus on all that could go wrong. Meditation is simply going WITHIN.


  1. LISTEN…….How many times have you said “something told me to “xyz” and I should’ve listened”.  That voice is ALWAYS present but it’s not bossy and it’s not forceful.  It requires you to LISTEN


  1. BE intentional your surroundings………I always tell my clients if you’re overweight it’s because you have a great support system to be overweight.  You MUST change your environment and no I’m not suggesting you drop your current friends and family but what I AM suggesting is that you ADD people to your circle who want what you want

  2. Get a coach………There isn’t anyone performing at the top of their game(whatever their “game” may be) without someone helping them.  Stop being a lone ranger.  You’re good at some things but no one is good at everything.


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