Hello, I'm Cledra

Cledra is a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University, member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, Minister and proud wife of Bishop Eddie Gross

Cledra knows what it’s like to be a top performer focused on a checklist only to check everything off and still feel unfulfilled. She finished #1 in her undergraduate class of Chemical Engineering and had her pick of top schools to enter a doctorate program, but she instead pursued a 21 year career in the pharmaceutical industry before stepping into her passion of combining engineering, neuroscience, life coaching and her faith to create results in the lives of literally hundreds of women around the world. Cledra has developed a system called the Thought Tree™ that empowers women to free themselves from adopted thoughts that don’t support or serve their best life.

Cledra believes that we are all beautifully made but horribly programmed and her life’s work is to teach women how bring intention their thoughts in order to Step Into the Freedom they desire.

Success Does not Come Through Hard Work Alone - But Hard Work and Intentional Thinking - Cledra

Presentation Topics

Free the Inner Champion and Silence the Inner Critic
Bounce Back From Burnout
Making Self Care a Priority
Reinventing YOU


How Successful Women Target Their Thinking to Succeed -
Conquer Overwhelm, Procrastination, and Inconsistency
ReWrite Your Story: 8 Weights to Drop to Live Your Best Life


2018 Coach of the Year

2019 Coach of the Year – MizCEO

2019 Livestream speaker at SpeakerCon 

2017 Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Leadership & Community Service

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Atlanta Georgia