How to get over “I don’t FEEL like it”

Do you have a pattern of following your feelings?
you don’t FEEL like working out …so you don’t
you don’t FEEL like disciplining your thoughts…so you don’t
you don’t FEEL like fueling your body with healthy food…so you don’t
you don’t FEEL like taking the time to plan …so you don’t
the result…you get MORE of what you don’t FEEL like dealing with
more time frustrated 
more time fatigued 
more time battling the extra pounds 
more time feeling unorganized
more time in regret
So how do you get over those moments when you don’t feel like it:
First recognize this…OF COURSE you don’t FEEL like it! With change comes NOT feeling like it and  that’s why it’s a sacrifice to present our bodies to the Lord every single day. A “sacrifice” literally means to give up something and often times that “something” is how we FEEL
Second recognize that this is a pattern.  You have a pattern of honoring your feelings and so just like a child who has to be taught to NOT have the pacifier there’s a period of “screaming” for the comfort of what’s familiar.  Your pattern of honoring your feelings is what’s fighting you in the moment of decision to push past needing your “pacifier”
Last thing…Keep your mind on the other side. The other side of  that great workout, the other side of stringing several days of healthy eating together, the other side of  a well planned week getting your top priorities done. Everything you want is on the other side of what you up to this point have been unwilling to do…so push to the other side. 
Honoring GOD’s word, way, and will for your life today must be what leads…NOT your feelings and the result…all of GODs promises!
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Remember…there’s a plan for you to prosper but feelings not added until later!
Enjoy this new day!!

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