The Freedom Academy v1

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Release Every Destructive Thought!
Free yourself to create the healthiest version of YOU!

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The FREEDOM Academy helps you to re-set foundational thinking so you can succeed and truly step into the bigger things GOD has for you

You Need A Coach!

I help my clients  discover the root cause  weighing them down and holding them back. I address the obstacles you cannot see.

Then we make an action plan to get started with reasonable goals and accountability.

This is NOT therapy. I help you move forward.

You want to:

Take consistent Action

Break the Cycle of Procrastination and take action

Believe again

Overcome the Impact of Past Failures

Healthy Thinking

Increase Energy and Clarity

Step Into Bigger

Live Fully

I've helped hundreds of clients just like you to take action and get results!

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The Freedom Academy

 I approach success through thought transformation

First, I help you address the root of  destructive thoughts

Second, I help you get emotions under control and manage emotions through thought mastery

Finally, I help you take massive action. I insist on you making progress and following through on commitments which yields  predictable results.

Be a FREEDOM Thinker!

Imagine …
thinking  confidently and having  positive inner self talk

thinking  that transforms your body for the healthiest version of you

Imagine …
thinking that leads to a life without worrying and negative self-chatter

thinking that increases energy and mental clarity 

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you’re carrying  emotional weight than robs of your peace


your fears are keeping you from believing again


your inner-critic is holding you back


I'm Cledra

Here's the deal…
I'm a Master Life Coach, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur.

After 20 years, I stepped out of corporate America and I built a successful coaching practice serving clients all over the globe.

I've helped hundreds of clients to achieve personal and business success by getting to the root of destructive thought and coaching them into transformational thinking.

And now you have the opportunity to join a monthly group coaching program that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
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Freedom Thinkers

If you are ready to transform your life ,  join FREEDOM ACADEMY –  my monthly coaching and accountability group, here’s how it works…

First, you enroll by clicking the button at the bottom of this page, and then you get immediate access to the coaching site where you will find a collection of coaching videos on  Mind Management for all Goals.

On the first of the month, we will send you your coaching assignment and workbook for the month.

This will also include the number and times for the live coaching calls. (they will be recorded.)

You will also have weekly access to me for questions .

Coaching is month to month.

Payment is automatic monthly.

I recommend at least a year commitment,

I don’t offer refunds for previous months, but you can cancel anytime.

Cost is $297 per month

You can enroll by clicking the button below.

Your life is about to change.

You are the hero.

I’m the guide.

Don’t settle for less


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The 5  BIGGEST THREATS to your moving into Free Thinking & moving forward in this program: 

  1. You tell yourself you know what to do …. [but you don’t have the results] 

  2. You’re going to return to what you’ve always done…  [and back to the start/stop cycle]

  3. Asking people if you should invest in YOU.. . [people who don’t have the results you want] 

  4. Taking now for granted thinking that “later” is available… [enrollment closes once program is full]

  5. Failing to recognize that accountability is what you need… [if you could do it yourself you would have]


All classes are recorded

How do you know anything will work? You must commit to the process

You ask Cledra questions during the open Q&A calls every 7 days

Email Cledra your questions and she will answer them on the recorded call

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