Before you use your breath to complain READ THIS

Morning Revelation…
there’s ALWAYS competition to get you to focus on what you lack for this day. It’s a trap the enemy loves to create for achievers.  Focus on “getting there”  and then TODAY…the TODAY where you have the promises of GODS ALL SUFFICIENT GRACE becomes an inconvenience.  And once TODAY becomes inconvenient to you then if you’re like most people you start to complain. 
Complaining if you think about it is coming into agreement with the father of lies. It’s essentially saying…no I don’t believe God’s timing is best, no I don’t believe God will finish what he started in my life, no I don’t believe what it says in the word that all things work for my good and the list goes on and on of how your complaining is a declaration that the one who holds the future has somehow made a mistake about your today.
This trap shows up in SO MANY areas of our society.  Making TODAY AN ENEMY shifts our time, energy and attention to speed and disrespect for PROCESS.
We live in a culture that doesn’t want to respect process.
The process of growing natural vegetables…let’s speed it up by spraying them with man made chemicals.
The process of growing fruits naturally…let’s create artificial environments to make them grow faster, larger, and out of season.
The process of healthy poultry…let’s inject them with hormones so they can mature out of season and we can have larger chickens in less time
The process of weight loss…let’s obsess about a number instead of a life, compare ourselves to a man made standard of beauty, and totally disregard the process of presenting our body as a LIVING sacrifice. 
The process of wealth…let’s “go get it” and dismiss HOW we treat others in the process
When we fight against process it makes “today” inconvenient. It makes “today” a stepping stone. It makes “today” something we wish away all for a “tomorrow” that isn’t promised.
I see this all too often working with clients for weight loss.
Maybe you can relate…
“Cledra this is taking too long”
“I can’t believe I ONLY lost a pound”
“I just need to get this weight off NOW”
“I don’t have time to work on my thinking Cledra I want this weight G-O-N-E”
All of these have one thing in common…a focus on lack and dismissal of who you get to become in the process.
Enduring THE PROCESS changes us from the INSIDE OUT and GOD is more concerned with how well WE REFLECT CHRIST than checking off our wish list to free us from having to endure the discomfort that is inevitable in…PROCESS. 
NOT enduring the process makes us think we can change it and so we complain….this should be happening faster, this shouldn’t have happened in my life, I don’t know why I have to go through this.
We turn from all that GOD promises for THIS DAY and we get in agreement with the father of lies about how THIS DAY is full of lack.
So if you find yourself frustrated,worried, anxious, and distracted in THIS NEW DAY it’s because you have been conditioned to believe THE PROCESS is the enemy when really it’s the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT that can ONLY be developed in THE PROCESS that’s really under attack BY the enemy.
Robbing you of your cultivation of the fruit of the spirit in your life…robs you literally of your birthright for an abundant life.
Because of witnessing this focus on making today inconvenient I have been led to create a new playbook
I invite you to download the playbook for free and attend my complimentary coaching call that will go deeper into THE PROCESS of cultivating fruit that really matters AND the SIDE EFFECT I promise is incredible weight loss both for your MIND & BODY!!
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