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I would like more information about PlanBe Coaching Services

Cledra provides VIP coaching, private coaching, group coaching, and online coaching programs.  In order to find out which one would work best for you schedule a GAP strategy session with Cledra today!

I want to lose weight. Can PlanBE Coaching help with that?

PlanBE Coaching is based on the premise that excess physical weight is a symptom of excess weight you cannot see.  Cledra starts her clients with her proprietary GAP Strategy Assessment to get an idea of the weight her clients are carrying that is on the inside.  Based on that assessment Cledra moves her clients into a program that would best serve their needs.  Bottom line if you do the work to drop the weight you CANNOT see then the weight you CAN see will not only come off but it will STAY off

I noticed Cledra running at 246 pounds. Can you give me some running tips?

We are glad to provide the strategies used to start a running program when you’re over 200 lbs. Please see the PlanBE TV episode “Running at over 200 lbs” HERE

I have loose skin. What did Cledra do to not have loose skin?

The elasticity of skin is based on a number of factors some include genetics, length of time obese, number of pregnancies and more.  Cledra is a FIRM believer (literally she uses workouts by THE FIRM) and by combining weight training and cardio the elasticity of her skin was maintained.

Did Cledra Have Any Surgery?

Cledra has not had any plastic surgery to remove any skin or change the size or shape of any part of her body;however, in 2011 Cledra did have lapband surgery to help support her efforts with portion control

What makes PLANBe Coaching different from any other weight loss program?

For starters if the other weight loss programs worked for everyone there would be no need for anything different but since you’re reading this you know that’s not true.  PlanBE Coaching is based on healthy work outs, inner work called working WITHIN, and strategic planning to get through the storms and disappoinments of life by working THROUGH.  Again, the fundamental belief that physical weight loss is more than a physical problem is the key difference in PlanBE Coaching and Cledra provides strategies beyond just “dig deep” and “you gotta want it bad” to help assist her clients

What is the price of PlanBe Coaching?

The price will depend on how many sessions and for how long.  It’s best to schedule a GAP Strategy Session to get the price for the coaching program that will support your needs

I’ve read that to workOUT, workTHROUGH, and workWITHIN are required for PlanBE. Can you tell me more?

I will start with working THROUGH and working WITHIN since there’s so much information about what it means to workOUT.  After over 30 years of struggling with weight and joining every commercial program available to help her lose weight Cledra finally realized that the issue wasn’t limited to knowing what to eat and when but how to eat right when emotions were high, when life was demanding, or when challenges would rise.  Cledra created the 3 pillars of working OUT, working THROUGH and working WITHIN because she realized in her own journey to drop all weight that until she had the strategies to handle her emotions without eating, to handle the changes in relationships without losing yourself, and more that whatever physical weight was loss would be temporary without new skills.  By working THROUGH and working WITHIN you have a more comprehensive approach to dropping ALL weight.

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[service service_style=”style-1″ background_color=”#86c543″ service_icon=”fa-comments” icon_style=”icon-rounded” service_heading=”How Will I Know This is Working?” service_content=”During your GAP Strategy Session you will have a clear understanding of the areas of development with clear metrics determine “success”. Keep in mind this program is based on success according to biblical principles” button_style=”btn-style-one” button_size=”small-btn” text_transform=”none”]
[service service_style=”style-1″ background_color=”#ceccc6″ service_icon=”fa-question” icon_style=”icon-rounded” service_heading=”What does the bible have to do with my weight?” service_content=”For years Cledra has been frustrated by the way society bombards women with messages about shrinking their hips and thighs and flattening their abs when the body is first and foremost the temple of the Holy Spirit. To reduce women to the size of their body parts and the number on the scale is to reduce the significance of the temple and the command to present our body as a living sacrifice.” button_style=”btn-style-one” button_size=”small-btn” text_transform=”none”]
[service service_style=”style-1″ background_color=”#34302d” service_icon=”fa-file-text-o” icon_style=”icon-rounded” service_heading=”I am an emotional eater will this program help me stop eating when I’m stressed?” service_content=”This program will get to the root cause of why you’re using food as a substitute for what you really need. Cledra will re-engineer your thoughts around what she calls the “symbolic substitute”. The symbolic substitute is what is happening when we eat because of stress. We are using food in that moment as a substitute for what we really need. This program will make you aware of that cycle and give you tools and strategies to break the cycle but it will ultimately be your choice to make a different decision when you’re stressed.” icon_line_height=”90px” button_style=”btn-style-one” button_size=”small-btn” text_transform=”none”]
[heading heading_text=”What exactly is a “lifestyle engineer”?” heading_tag=”h4″ text_transform=”none” text_align=”left”]
Engineering is defined at the action of working artfully to bring something about. Cledra calls herself a lifestyle engineer because she is trained as a Chemical Engineer and her fascination with using science and technology to improve equipment transferred into a fascination to take those same principles combined with her faith to improve the lives of women. With 2 degrees in engineering Cledra’s approach is beyond traditional coaching or consulting and allows space for a revolutionary approach that has become her signature. 
[heading heading_text=”I thought it took 21 days to change a habit why does Cledra talk about the importance of committing to a year of lifestyle change?” heading_tag=”h4″ text_transform=”none” text_align=”left”]

The data that it takes 21 days to change a habit is outdated. New brain research and technology has allowed us to see what is happening in the brain when new habits are introduced and so therefore Cledra feels it’s a disservice to the women she serves to not expose this dated information

[heading heading_text=”I have a reunion coming up & I want to lose 20 lbs will this program work for me? ” heading_tag=”h4″ text_transform=”none” text_align=”left”]

Weight loss driven by a reason such as a reunion or even a season such as summer coming up it a short term and short sighted approach that popular marketers use to entice women to purchase quick fix programs.  This program is for the woman who recognizes that it’s her God given purpose is too big for her to succumb to the fads and quick fix gimmicks and she’s ready to align her entire life not just her body to reflect the rich abundance God has for her

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