Don’t BE surprised!

Good Saturday Morning to you!

just wanted to send you a quick note on this Saturday to say DON’T BE SURPRISED if all kinds of things start challenging you once you make a decision to TRY ONE MORE TIME(OMT)! Many of you emailed me after my last message and said you HAVE tried(weight loss, love, self care, exercising, etc) and then “life” got in the way!

I GET IT and I’m here to tell you IT’S GOING TO KEEP HAPPENING.

So what’s the solution…..YOU HAVE TO HAVE AN ANCHOR! Something that HOLDS YOU when the winds of life blow, when disappointment calls, when a message that tempts you to wallow comes, or when you just don’t FEEL like it(ever have one of those I just don’t feel like it days?)

On every “28th” I remind myself of my personal anchor and I want to pass it on to you. Romans 8:28 says….”For we KNOW that ALL THINGS work TOGETHER for the GOOD of those called according to HIS purpose”

Why does that help?
NO MATTER WHAT HAS HAPPENED or what you may be forecasting is going to happen(I know I’m not the only one who can have psychic tendencies thinking I can predict the future) IT CANNOT TAKE YOU OFF COURSE WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION!!! If you are ANCHORED in the BELIEF that there’s this amazing conspiracy….a conspiracy that says YOU WIN ! YOU WIN!

Ok…..I said I’d keep it short but one more thing….if you forgot to send me your declaration of what you’re going to TRY ONE MORE TIME don’t forget to shoot me an email. Remember private goals NEVER make a public appearance. Don’t march into March being unclear ok? You have too much going for you for that, so spill it…what are YOU going to try ONE MORE TIME? Let me know at


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