Stop expecting magic & start expecting to do some work

Claim victory in more than conversation

Stop begging and pleading with GOD with a defeated approach.  GOD wants to give it to you but you’re too faithful your feelings, too committed to what isn’t working, you’re spending too much time with people you need to let go and you MISTAKENLY think GOD is taking a long time to bless you….NO…you’re taking a long time to BE blessed with the abundant mind blowing life GOD wants to give you.

Breakup with inconsistency

Stop fellowshipping with failure…you tried it , it didn’t work, now MOVE ON

Decide what you will no longer tolerate

Decide who you will no longer tolerate

Commit…this is my year for VICTORY! V-I-C-T-O-R-Y

I CLAIM VICTORY in 2016 and I’m sharing the WORK to get it January 2nd

Registration is free but implementation will cost you

Do you know that less than 10% will make it past February still committed to the vision they had on December 31?  It takes more than excitement to manifest your vision. It takes accountability. It takes being connected with someone who will call you on your non-sense.  It takes exposing yourself when you start to rationaLIES your way out of your greatness.  It takes leaning in when everything in you wants to step out.

It’s GREAT to celebrate, shout, praise, and get as excited as you can about what’s possible but then…then you need to put some WORK with your WORSHIP, some STRATEGY with your SONG, and some PURPOSEFUL PLANNING with your PRAISE.

Excitement in isolation is a recipe for a vision that will fade to black…fade to the back burner as the world steps in the front to reset your agenda of frustration and disappointment. Don’t let that happen to you.

Register if you can definitively say I CLAIM VICTORY

CLICK HERE and I’ll “see” you on January 2nd at 10am EST





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