Champions don’t just watch

There’s nothing like the energy surrounding a great match.  Whether in football, basketball, tennis, or for today the country is buzzing with updates about the Mayweather Pacquiao fight tonight.

There’s something about watching people who have trained to be at the top of their game battle it out for the ultimate title.

But as exciting as that is as a coach I can’t help but ask…but what about YOU? 

What about the “title” for YOUR life?

Are you just as energized about the “ring” YOU’VE been called to get in to fight?

Are you more disciplined with watching champions than doing the work to become one?

Here’s a quick test you can take to see if you’re more disciplined at WATCHING champions than doing the work to become one:

  1. Compare the time you’ve spent so far in the first 4 months of the year watching TV, going to the mall, time on facebook, time talking on the phone about something you can’t change

compared to working out,

working on that book you’ve always wanted to write,

working on that business plan,

time spent gaining deeper knowledge in God’s word(you know you SAID you wanted to work on your relationship with GOD right?) in Bible Study, church or small focused groups..

  1.  If you had a scorecard like Mayweather and Pacquio will have tonight. lailaaliandme

(a) sometimey at best…always starting but never finishing

(b) still looking for the quick fix…

(c) unanimous decision …YOU WIN


Nothing wrong with WATCHING a great fight but if your ENTIRE LIFE is about WATCHING others…I challenge you to shift your discipline from WATCHING CHAMPIONS  to doing to the WORK of a CHAMPION.  You deserve more than a life on the sidelines.




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