It’s Ok Not to be Ok

It’s ok to NOT be ok but then how do you allow yourself to be angry but not allow that anger to cause you to sabotage your life? In todays podcast I share how to be intentional about what you can create when you are experiencing the emotion of anger.
In the Life and Business Academy we do life together at a higher level.

The ONE Key To Overcome Procrastination

How you think in a moment allows you to make it ok to procrastinate.

The more you procrastinate the more behind you get with what you know needs to get done. The longer this goes on the more you feel like you need to hustle to make up for lost time. This cycle can be broken but not with beating yourself up from the programming that you need more willpower, more grind, more hustle. NOT TRUE!.

As someone trained to look at your thinking I can show you how you are making it ok to procrastinate and help you get out of your own way to create the results you want in your life and business

Processing Negative Emotions

Ever felt like your mind was racing with so many things to do? When that happens we automatically go into a HUSTLE mode where we just can’t seem to get everything done and it feels exhausting and overwhelming.

There is a better way!

In this weeks Step Into Freedom Podcast I share a tool from my Life Coaching toolbox to help you PROCESS emotions