Why do people get brand new when you’re going through

I have had 2 very significant turning points in my life. Significant because when they happened one thing changed…everything.  The first was the day I heard the doctor say “Cledra his heart has stopped” and she was talking about my only baby. The second was the day my husband walked into our home and said “Your Dad passed today”.

Beyond the grief and pain the thing that has challenged me is the response by those closest to me.

I have been angry by the lack of phone calls, support, or even a basic text to say “Cledra thinking of you”. I have been equally shocked by the phone calls, support, and texts from people I BARELY know.  It’s like GOD was changing the roles of the people in my life.  HE repositioned those I had on the front row.

I’m writing this because as GOD allows me to work with more clients to support them through their season of dropping ALL weight I notice what happened to me is actually COMMON.  Client after client will say  ” I can’t believe the way my relationships have changed with people I really thought would be happy for me or would’ve supported me through this”


Here’s what GOD has allowed me to see…it’s a season of differentiation. Now y’all know I’m a nerd so it’s gonna SOUND like I’m going on a nerd tangent but prayerfully and patiently continue…


DIFFERENTIATION in mathematical terms… the essence of calculus is the derivative. The derivate is the instantaneous rate of change of a function with respect to one of its variables.

STAY WITH ME…This is equivalent to finding the slope.
PLAIN TALK FOR LIFE…it’s finding out who you REALLY have in your life and what it takes for them to “DIP”(slope)…leave

Challenging times in life will quickly DIFFERENTIATE

someone you just know from someone who is a real friend
someone capable of walking by faith from someone needing all the answers
someone committed to worship from someone committed to worry
someone committed to prayer from someone committed to panic

GOD is more interested in the derivative…knowing the DIP point for those in your life because where HE is taking you requires folk who will not go when the wind blows! GOD needs you to know how strong you are and the TRUTH about who you have in your life and more importantly where they REALLY BELONG.

I know all too well that differentiation is painful however I also know on this new day that it is liberating.  YOU AND I ARE STILL HERE!! WE MADE IT WITHOUT THEM!  WE MADE IT WITH GOD! That…that’s the good news.


Last…bless those GOD has repositioned.  I held on to anger too long not realizing that GOD in his loving merciful way was releasing people that he knew I otherwise wouldn’t have released.  Let them blow away and be thankful for the wind(your storm) that showed you their level of attachment.


The struggle to make sense of what doesn’t make sense

Struggle comes with trying to make sense out of what  just doesn’t make sense

When we’re going through difficulties, the enemy loves to draw us into a logical discussion.  The reason a “logical discussion” is a sign of temptation is because GOD cannot be reduced to our logic.  There are countless examples of how a “logical discussion” comes before sin.  We can start in Genesis with Eve.  Everything the serpent said seemed “logical”.  We can look at Samson. Everything Delilah said seemed “logical”.  We can look at Sarah. I mean she had waited a VERY long time for that baby and so getting another women to sleep with her husband seemed “logical” at the time.

So how do we protect ourselves from “logic” when logic is what so many of us use to be successful in this world?  If you’re reading this you’re most likely a very accomplished individual with a long list of things you’ve been very successful doing and I bet almost all of them required you to be…LOGICAL.

Today I want to invite you into an ILLOGICAL walk with our GOD and here are some strategies:

  1. Ask GOD to give you HIS vision about the situation. Resist the need to take YOUR vision of the situation to GOD and ask for clarification.
    my real life example
    Logic prayer:  Lord I don’t understand why my first husband found love and marriage again before I did. It’s not fair.
    ILLOGICAL prayer:  Lord, I surrender my desire to be married to you. Give me YOUR VISION for this day about me getting married again
  2. Ask GOD to show you WHO YOU NEED TO BE. Resist the need to talk about changing your circumstances and shift to changing your character
    continuing the real life example
    ILLOGICAL PRAYER: Lord, what skills and what character traits do I need to develop to become the wife for the man you are preparing for me
  3. Ask GOD to give you the STRENGTH for THIS DAY for HIS WILL alone. Resist the need to tell the Lord how you feel like you can’t make it.
    ILLOGICAL PRAYER: Lord, give me the strength to celebrate love with others as I patiently(fruit of the spirit) wait for the love you have for me.
  4. Last step…THANK the LORD in advance
    ILLOGICAL PRAYER: Lord I just thank you for giving me YOUR vision over my situation, I thank you for showing me who I need to be, and Lord I magnify you and praise your name for the gift of another day to grow in you.

BONUS strategy….start with a PRAYER OF SURRENDER(click to download) 

but this just doesn’t make sense


I almost quit but then I heard… declare VICTORY

Declare Victory…no matter what!

For the first time in 5 years of my coaching I actually had thoughts of quitting. This past year I have had the largest weight gain I’ve had in 6 years, I’ve had some of the darkest nights of my soul since the season of losing my baby, and the enemy started whispering…

who will listen to you now?

how are you gonna talk about weight loss I mean look at you…you’re not a size 8 anymore you’ve gone up 2 sizes maybe 3?

how can you talk about emotional mastery when you cry almost everyday?

what story are you gonna “rewrite” now?

Can you relate? Has life ever hit you so hard it makes you question your direction? Maybe for you it wasn’t as extreme as losing a parent but maybe you lost the dream of what life would be like for you by now…married, 2.5 kids, a dog, and a big house? Better off financially or wished your kids had turned out better?

I don’t know what it may have been for you OR maybe you’re reading this and you’re like “Cledra life right now for me is better than ever” and PRAISE GOD if that is you(save this for later & forward to a friend).

My point is when darkness comes to our lives the enemy tries to disqualify us for what GOD qualified us to do.

I heard the LORD say…”I didn’t call you because I thought you’d be perfect. I called you because your life would show what’s possible”

I wanna give you the reason my mind is made up to serve you, get this weight off, and BOLDLY teach about emotional mastery. I wanna show you what’s POSSIBLE IN YOUR LIFE and how YOU CAN BE happy EVEN after…after “whatever your fill in the blank” is

1. Wake up and realize there is competition for your thought life & you cannot afford or allow the enemies lies to have real-estate in your mind. CRUSH those thoughts with the word of GOD

2. Your challenge will serve as a stepping stone for God’s glory

3. Trust that GOD is working on your behalf. Trust the heart of GOD even if in this moment you can’t see the hand of GOD moving.

4. Know that the enemy doesn’t challenge people walking in his direction so PRAISE GOD for the challenge and know that YOU DO HAVE WHAT IT TAKES

5. Renew your mind EVERY SINGLE DAY

6. Dress for your SOUL success. Our “soul” is our mind, will, and emotions. Don’t leave the house without dressing your SOUL for success

I wanna share the prayer I wrote in the midst of this battle but I want YOU to commit to sharing it as well, so can you forward this to AT LEAST 1 girlfriend who may need to know that it is her BIRTHRIGHT TO DECLARE VICTORY?

Your PRAYER TO SHARE and I also want to gift you with my “press through to breakthrough” class.  It’s not only what I coached but it’s what I listen to OVER & OVER to continue my own press.  EVERYONE needs DAILY mind renewal…that’s not from me that’s from the word.

Whatever you’re going through…I want you to hold that in your mind and then say…I DECLARE VICTORY(say it) I DECLARE VICTORY…I DECLARE VICTORY…I DECLARE VICTORY





Stop expecting magic & start expecting to do some work

Claim victory in more than conversation

Stop begging and pleading with GOD with a defeated approach.  GOD wants to give it to you but you’re too faithful your feelings, too committed to what isn’t working, you’re spending too much time with people you need to let go and you MISTAKENLY think GOD is taking a long time to bless you….NO…you’re taking a long time to BE blessed with the abundant mind blowing life GOD wants to give you.

Breakup with inconsistency

Stop fellowshipping with failure…you tried it , it didn’t work, now MOVE ON

Decide what you will no longer tolerate

Decide who you will no longer tolerate

Commit…this is my year for VICTORY! V-I-C-T-O-R-Y

I CLAIM VICTORY in 2016 and I’m sharing the WORK to get it January 2nd

Registration is free but implementation will cost you

Do you know that less than 10% will make it past February still committed to the vision they had on December 31?  It takes more than excitement to manifest your vision. It takes accountability. It takes being connected with someone who will call you on your non-sense.  It takes exposing yourself when you start to rationaLIES your way out of your greatness.  It takes leaning in when everything in you wants to step out.

It’s GREAT to celebrate, shout, praise, and get as excited as you can about what’s possible but then…then you need to put some WORK with your WORSHIP, some STRATEGY with your SONG, and some PURPOSEFUL PLANNING with your PRAISE.

Excitement in isolation is a recipe for a vision that will fade to black…fade to the back burner as the world steps in the front to reset your agenda of frustration and disappointment. Don’t let that happen to you.

Register if you can definitively say I CLAIM VICTORY

CLICK HERE and I’ll “see” you on January 2nd at 10am EST





Cursed out talking about “God” stuff—VICTORY!

Early this morning I did a video about what successful BELIEVERS do before breakfast. As believers we can’t do business any kinda way and expect to call it “success”.  GOD must be the priority and not making 6 or 7 figures.  It’s about fulfillment…fulfillment of our assignment and confidently knowing that GOD is faithful to HIS word that if we seek HIM first …all other things (including money) will be added but it must be in that order.

Less than 10 minutes later y’all I got CURSED OUT ONLINE!! Talked about how this “GOD” stuff was worthless and how people were not going to listen to me.  My husband was working from home and hear me when I tell you I ran upstairs to CELEBRATE WITH HIM!!!


This year my husband did a powerful series at our church on spiritual warfare and as a result it opened my eyes up to what was REALLY at the root of a lot that I was being challenged by this year.

Honestly I didn’t grow up with a lot of conversation about spiritual warfare but you know just because we don’t know about something doesn’t mean it stops working. It’s kinda like gravity. You might not understand it but it’s gonna work no matter what and that series was life changing for me because when I really stepped out in my coaching practice a couple years ago talking about GOD I got called names, had comments about the size of my forehead, and was even threatened and I stopped.  I stopped being as bold and I let “it” (now I know the enemy) stop me.

I started using popular less controversial terms like the “universe” or the “god of your understanding” and I didn’t make it clear that I was talking about Christ.


I got scared. At the time I was single and it made me feel really vulnerable. Fast forward this time I didn’t get scared I got happy.  Happy because what I learned from that series on spiritual warfare is that sometimes the strongest point of resistance is what happens right before a mind blowing breakthrough in your life, finances, health, and so much more.


So I ask you….did you let “it” stop you this year?  What did you say was “too hard” and so you let yourself settle?

I’m drawing a line in the sand...it’s time to CLAIM VICTORY!

YES I said it V-I-C-T-O-R-Y for ALL BELIEVERS.


Everybody else is being celebrated for coming out of the closet…ITS OUR TIME


So if you are on the page of making 2016 your year to WALK IN YOUR BIRTHRIGHT OF VICTORY then


JOIN ME for CLAIM YOUR VICTORY complimentary webinar on January 2nd


Where: online(so if you have a phone you can come)

When: 10 am EST January 2nd

What else do you need to do?  CLICK HERE for all you need to know




The promise wasn’t easy

The promise wasn’t that people wouldn’t throw “stones” of insults

The promise was and is V-I-C-T-O-R-Y

See ya on the webinar!

LOL Cledra ;0) 

ps…..if you’re curious about what I said to get cursed out CLICK HERE