When taking care of business has replaced taking care of you

SELF CARE…you already know you SHOULD do it. You’re smart so you’ve heard it all before and you KNOW what to do but the idea of traditional advice like

Drink a gallon of water…yeah right. Try getting that through airport security or holding it through a 2 hour meeting

Cook all your food on Sunday…ah nope. I have church, a soccer game, and at some point I’d like to get some sleep & spend time with my family

Hit the gym 6 days a week…not happening...this week I’m out of town, next week I’m in all day meetings and…yeah not happening


If any of these sound familiar I get it. You are BUSY and listening to traditional advice you may feel like busy means busted fitness but not true.

Here’s your GO HIGH when TIME IS LOW list to get your body right while your schedule is busy:

  1. (20 min workout)HIIT…HIGH Intensity Interval Training can give you what you need in 20 minutes & no gym membership required
  2. (60 second meal prep)HIGH Quality Protein Shakes (low quality food is usually quick food(insert drive thru) but not so with a 60 second protein shake
  3. HIGH quality sleep(did you know that low quality sleep drives cravings? AND recent data shows that it’s not necessarily more sleep you need but greater quality)
  4. HIGHER WEIGHT TRAINING…if you have a cardio dominate routine then you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Weight training is triple threat to extra fat gain because it strengthens your body, increases muscle mass which increases calories burned at rest, and the “after” burn for a weight training session is much better than after cardio


Being healthy doesn’t have to consume your entire life for you to get fit & it doesn’t mean you can’t keep handling your business.

I hope to continue to be your reminder to add YOU to the incredibly long list of things you get done each day!

 Your reminder that YOUR HEALTH is on your “to-do” list today!



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