Back in love…AGAIN!

She’s drop dead gorgeous

She’s rich

She’s a mother and a grandmother and yet she like many of us wanted love…OMT(one more time)


What’ would make a woman in her 60’s after being publicly humiliated by a husband who not only had an affair but had a child as a result continue to date and ultimately remarry?  There’s just something about love that makes us go for it even after we’ve been hurt by it.  It’s that chance to have what we have always wanted even though what we’ve always gotten wasn’t right.

I can’t speak for the beautiful Mrs Tina Knowles but I share the pain of being betrayed and I also share the determination to try love…OMT(one more time) and so here are some reasons I’ll offer to you and maybe…just maybe you will also try love ONE MORE TIME!

Why LOVE is worth trying ONE MORE TIME

  1. There is a level of intimacy that can only be reached in a committed loving relationship.  That intimacy is beyond sex, beyond feelings, and beyond looks.  It’s an intimacy that touches the very essence of who you are.

2. Growth...committed loving relationships provide the environment for us to grow up and learn to forgive, trust, move on, compromise, and communicate at a higher level.

  1. Purposeful living…every union has a purpose that can only be accomplished as a result of walking together. Your union in some way will change the world by the children you create, the business you may create, the philanthropic initiatives you may ignite, or the example of love you may represent. The list of possibilities is unlimited but know that your love is purposeful

  2. I saved the practical one for last.  Bottom line money can’t hug you, trophies can’t comfort you, and nothing at the mall can dry your tears.  There’s nothing like having that someone to go with you through thick and thin until the end.  You can’t buy it, you can’t hire it, and you certainly can’t substitute it…LOVE…priceless and worth trying OMT(one more time)

Are you like Mrs Tina Knowles(and I’m in that boat as well) and willing to try love ONE MORE TIME? Share your reasons and share with someone you know needs to try one more time.

For more strategies to try OMT(one more time) go to

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