Are you ready for spring?

I hope this email finds you safe and warm! Atlanta has been SO COLD & I don’t know about you but I am SO ready for Spring(only 24 days away but who’s counting) !

But you know the calendar and the temperature aren’t the only things that have to change for it to REALLY be a NEW SEASON.

I had a chance to speak in my hometown this past weekend and I have to tell you it was a full circle moment.

I’ve spoken on stages around this country , but never where it all began for me. And that’s what I want to invite you to do today…..consider where it all began FOR YOU.

What did you hope for yourself?

What were your dreams?

What did you believe was possible….in the beginning?

Chances are somewhere along the line, life took you for a detour and you lost some of those dreams you had in the beginning.

I want you to think for a moment……

WHAT WOULD YOU TRY ONE MORE TIME if you KNEW that THIS NEXT TIME would be THE TIME your dream became a reality?

Would you try ONE MORE TIME to reach your ideal weight?

Would you try ONE MORE TIME to find the love of your life?

Would you try ONE MORE TIME to change the way you show up in your current relationship?

Would you try ONE MORE TIME to really go for that business idea that you’ve always had?

Would you try ONE MORE TIME to find and live your purpose?

What SPECIFICALLY would you try ONE MORE TIME if you could go back to the beginning and come full circle?

It’s SO important that you answer that because even when the calendar ushers in warmer weather and time changes and we have more daylight……none of that is going to matter if you haven’t made a DECISION to TRY ONE MORE TIME!

You’re going to be receiving more support to TRY ONE MORE TIME in the coming weeks but in order to support you I need to know….EXACTLY……… WHAT do you WANT to TRY ONE MORE TIME? Go to to make sure you’re on the list to TRY ONE MORE TIME!

I also want you to send me an email at

Private goals NEVER make a PUBLIC APPEARANCE
So as we go through the final days of snow , sleet, rain, and ice let’s warm up to the idea of EXACTLY what we want to TRY ONE MORE TIME!

Share at & if you’re serious……I want to invite you to the TRY ONE MORE TIME community! Again…go to to get on the list to TRY ONE MORE TIME!!

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