This Members Area has been designed to host My BEST Programs to help keep GOD FIRST as you grow your business and life

Once you decide to really GO FOR IT in your business you have a lot of decisions. You Don't Have To Make Those decisions alone.

What I Know:

You can burn up a lot of time, energy and money going to large conferences, ordering online courses for just a specific part of your business, one-size-fits all programs that don’t allow for much customized feedback and on and on the list of possible landmines a new home business owner can fall into. I know because I fell into all of those listed to the tune of in excess of $100,000 before I found the right strategy that fit the lifestyle of keeping GOD first and spending time with my family.

Your key to success is staying in consistent action focused on the right activities at the right time with the right mindset. Actions Needed to Success…

ANTS will be your key to both the personal and professional growth you need to excel as a powerful business owner. 

ANTS will give you foundational principles in a step by step manner so you feel confident instead of confused; focused instead of frustrated and supported  as you make difficult decisions instead of being stagnant wading through indecision

ANTS will put you on the fast track of being able to take the RIGHT steps at the RIGHT time all in a faith based community.

Total Value of the ANTS ACADEMY:  $1500


What Others Are Saying

Geoff and Meg L.
Tiffanie S. - Creator of the MOMShift Calculator

We met Cledra at a high level mastermind for
online marketing so we knew she was someone who invested in her business skills.  
After getting help from Cledra about our next steps we went from a place of overwhelm
to clarity in 1 session. We highly recommend investing in the ANTS academy with Cledra’s leadership and guidance for your home business setup and growth online.

Wow! Cledra knew all the perfect questions to ask that lead me to realize a new direction for my brand. Before her ANTS discussion I was confused and lacked direction. I couldn’t connect the dots.
Afterwards, I was able to blend my ideas with a way to grow my brand by helping those who need free help and those who want to take it to the next level! I couldn’t have moved forward without her ideas and expertise to find my deep passion and help bring it to fruition! You were put in front of this ANTS program for a reason…Jump on it because there’s nothing out there like it!! I‘m so thankful I connected with Cledra

Isolation is the Enemy of Wealth

Having a community where everyone is committed to keeping GOD first as they design a life and business they love is priceless!

You will do your facebook lives in the group
We will support each other when we go live on our pages
Your POD will be your accountability group.

What You’ll Learn:

Module 1

Define Your “WHY”

Create Solid Vision

Master Your Mon$y Mindset

Master Your Success Mindset

Set Goal to Make Room For Increase

Module 2

Create An Environment For Success

7 Minute Miracle Morning

Health And Business

Investing In Your Professional development

Mastering Income Producing Activities

Module 3

Social Media Strategy for the Week
Half Hour of Power
Attract Builders and Action Takers
Protect Your Time From “Tire-Kickers”

Module 4

Attraction marketing…Create Post That Attract Quality leads
Peak Strong Curiosity with Precision
Power Posting Template
Messenger Script That Results In 80% Response Rate

Module 5

Understanding Personality Types
Seamlessly Adjustments For Personality Type
Overcoming Objections
Resilience to “no”

Module 6

Advanced Strategies for Team Leadership
Avoiding Pitfalls of  Large Teams
Define The VIPs – One on One Time With You
Hitting 6 Figures Level

Why You Need ANTS:

Once you decide to really GO FOR IT in your business you have a lot of decisions to make and those decisions are not easy to do alone. You may try to turn to friends and family but they will not understand what you’re experiencing and will unintentionally support your fears more than your focus to do what’s necessary.  What is necessary? You can’t answer that because you’ve never been a business owner. What’s a CRM? What’s a sales funnel? What’s copywriting ? What’s a lead magnet? What specific daily activities will help you reach your income goals? How many people need to be on your list before you start webinars? How do you create an online course? What happens when “life” gets in the way how can you still move forward?

Where do you find your ideal clients?

What if you don’t want people in your house the way your upline is recommending?

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