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Welcome to the ANTS academy!

Actions Needed To Succeed


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Isolation is the Enemy of Wealth – Cledra


ANTS will put you on the fast track of being able to take the RIGHT steps at the RIGHT time all in a faith based community.

What Others Are Saying

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We met Cledra at a high level mastermind for
online marketing so we knew she was someone who invested in her business skills.  
After getting help from Cledra about our next steps we went from a place of overwhelm
to clarity in 1 session. We highly recommend investing in the ANTS academy with Cledra’s leadership and guidance for your home business setup and growth online.

Wow! Cledra knew all the perfect questions to ask that lead me to realize a new direction for my brand. Before her ANTS discussion I was confused and lacked direction. I couldn’t connect the dots.
Afterwards, I was able to blend my ideas with a way to grow my brand by helping those who need free help and those who want to take it to the next level! I couldn’t have moved forward without her ideas and expertise to find my deep passion and help bring it to fruition! You were put in front of this ANTS program for a reason…Jump on it because there’s nothing out there like it!! I‘m so thankful I connected with Cledra