Alone at the end of the year…..AGAIN


As happy as I was for my friends with their beautiful Christmas cards filled with highlights from a year packed with fun with their husband and kids if I kept it real deep down I wondered WHEN WAS IT GOING TO BE MY TURN?
Sometimes it gets heavy celebrating others for something you crave so much yourself.
So I did what any mature believer would do…..I told God how unfair it was! Ok not the most mature but the great thing about our God is that HE can handle our immaturity and even work with it.
I remember having one of those good ole fashion pity parties when God intersected my “this aint right” rehearsal with what if you knew.

What if you knew that I wasn’t punishing you I was preparing you?

What if you knew that the season I am preparing for you requires this time alone?

What if you knew that instead of being set aside you have been set apart?

What if you knew that I wasn’t withholding love from you but instead creating space inside of you for love that will blow your mind?

What if you knew that I needed you to be alone with me right now so you’ll know how to keep me first when I bless you?

It wasn’t easy but in that moment I started asking a different question. What’s great about being alone….AGAIN…at the end of ANOTHER year?

  1. To be set aside is to reject but to be set apart is to be given an assignment that requires preparation. TRUST your preparation time
  2. While silence can be loud…especially during the Holiday season it can be a great time to hear from God. Ask God to speak to you and then LISTEN
  3. Praise HIM for this season…..I can promise you the season will change and what I can also promise you is that I’ve lived this blog I’m not just writing it. God DID change my season and the same will happen for you.

“For I know the plans I have for you…plans to prosper and not to harm”—Jeremiah 29:11

God help me to trust you in this season. Give me the courage to step into the silence with excitement about time alone with you.

A simple shift in how you see this time will allow you to REWRITE YOUR STORY!

Congratulations to you if this is a season where God has you alone. What I know to be true is that it didn’t come to stay it came to prepare you for greater.

Share this with a girlfriend who may also be struggling with being alone at the Holiday.

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