Advice from 4 Veterans and my Granny



Some of the best advice from 4 veterans & my granny
(L to R clockwise )

My father – after crying because they didn’t have a Coffee mug at Six Flags that had “Cledra” he said “you don’t drink coffee. Get out of the habit of wanting what everyone else wants ”

My husband –after wrestling with what I thought God said he said “when we want to hear God say yes we don’t look for any other answer in His word. We have to listen for his answer & not decide the answer”

My Bishop James Griffin –he did our premarital counseling & said “Cledra focus more on your reactions than on trying to change Eddie. Only God can change a man”

My granddaddy —after talking to him after the funeral of one of his sisters “chippy if you’re gonna stay around a long time you gotta get good at saying goodbye”

not a veteran but not short on advice My granny—her last words to me … “baby don’t let that weight get on you “

I have kept their word…..I”m still not good at saying goodbye but the older I get I get better with great “hellos”

Happy Veterans Day!!


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