It’s Sisters Supporting Sisters Saturday!!

When I was new to Atlanta almost 5 years ago almost every reference I got from where to get my hair done to where to go for my annual OB appointment came from a woman….a sister! So this is my way of giving back. Every Saturday I want to feature a “sister you should know” & to also show that we as women CAN support each other in spite of the unfortunate ways we are often portrayed on television.

Today I’d like you to know Daree Allen, MS

I especially want you to check out her book..”Ending the Blame Game…Single Black Fathers on Relationships”. WHEN do we hear from ACTIVE Black Fathers in a POSITIVE light? Not often but thanks to this sister she has broken the sound barrier….there are black fathers who are taking care of business with their children.

Ok here’s a little about Daree

Website: www.DareeAllen.com
dareesinsights.wordpress.com [blog]

Book: Ending the Blame Game….Single Black Fathers on Relationships…. This is just ONE of her 3 books but all are available at DareeAllen.com, Amazon.com, BN.com and iTunes [iTunes for my latest book only]

Major challenge you overcame
I got divorced when my daughter was 1 (10 years ago). Around the same time I gained the most weight ever in my life (max was 220 lbs), struggled with depression and parenting a small child alone. I have overcome all of these situations over time and with lots of investment in myself. [I’ve discussed all these things on my blog, which I started in 2007.]

Why do you run or some fun fact about you
I was born with 2 webbed toes, and one extra digit on either hand, as was my daughter. I’ve only met 1 other adult with extra digits

Daree….thank you for investing in yourself and becoming a Sister we should know!!

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