A new dress for heaviness


“The heart heals very slowly. Allow yourself to be ok one minute and fall apart the next”–Susan Miller, CEO of Health Concepts 

Of all of the comments I’ve received Susan’s has touched me the most because it’s so accurate.  My Mother says all the time “if you want to know the way, ask someone who has been there and has come back”.  Susan has been there with the loss of her Mother and so I guess that’s why she knew the emotional patterns I would experience with the loss of my Father.

It was Friday afternoon and I was driving home from work and I can’t even find the adjectives to describe the void I was feeling. I remembered Susan’s words…“Allow yourself to be ok to not be ok”. Susan and I went to Coaching school together and we were also assigned to do our practice work together so I was familiar with her style of coaching which always including some tone of “allowing”.  There’s something about allowing and not forcing that ultimately moves us mentally to a space of being open to what’s possible.   And so I got the “gift of what’s possible” from allowing very quickly.

I was immediately led  to look up what GOD says about heaviness and what GOD promises about heaviness.  I landed on Isaiah 61:3. For those who mourn in Zion…God promises SO much:

*Beauty for Ashes

*Oil of Joy for Mourning

*Garment of PRAISE for HEAVINESS(DING DING DING…there it was..right in front of me…my promise for the very moment of allowing that  I was in)

Finally the result of HIS promise for my life

“that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.” Isaiah 61:3

So I carried my heaviness to my workout room and I started praising.

I started praising GOD for what he was going to do.

I started praising GOD for the Daddy I had.

I started praising GOD for the amazing Mother I still have.

I started praising GOD for another chance to love and to be married to an incredible man.

I just started praising and after about 20 minutes into a workout that I DID NOT WANNA DO…I had JOY.  Oh…I forgot I put on my JOY headband too.


I share this because I’m not on some mountain top smiling every moment while I coach  you to  try ONE-MORE-TIME after life kicks you in the gut. NO…I’m WITH you and as GOD reveals the next turn it’s my commitment to share.  

So there you go..that’s the next turn GOD revealed!



1. Allow yourself to be ok one minute and to fall apart the next

2. You CAN exchange that heaviness…there is reason to hope even in heaviness BUT you must GET DRESSED IN PRAISE!!


Here’s to moments of allowing and dressing in praise!

 If this helped you..DONT KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! Please share and please share how it helped. Together WE can try ONE-MORE-TIME! 




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